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Monday, November 14, 2011

Buy rose gold women’s jewelry for Christmas

I’m not ashamed to admit that I have a jewelry addiction. Luckily, I’ve controlled it a little by making some pieces for myself and I want to make some as Christmas gifts. I think my mom and grandmother would like pieces that are representative of their grandchildren. However, when I saw the rose gold women’s jewelry at Lauren Klein I decided that I suddenly need a new piece for the holidays.

image There are some gorgeous, dainty pieces – both rings and necklaces – but the ring that most caught my eye was the Floral Art Deco Rose Gold Ring. Isn’t it gorgeous?

I am not normal a pink-wearing girl, but this is so beautiful and unique that I would love to see it adorning my finder. And, you know what, the lady in your life would love to see something sparkly on their finger, around their wrist, perched on their ears or handing around their neck too. The holiday-buying season is here so go ahead and get started with your shopping. Buying women’s jewelry is always the way to go. ;-)

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