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Sunday, October 23, 2011

How to use a wishing stone

Have you seen the little smooth stones at almost every gift or souvenir shop? They usually have one word (or short phrase or image) carved into them. They are called wishing stones or, as I’ve recently discovered, worrying stones.

If you’ve purchased one as a worrying stone, you would rub it between your fingers continuously thus worrying the stone instead of mentally dwelling on whatever your dilemma is. If it’s a wishing then rubbing or holding it should grant your wish. Do you think it works?

I’m going to find out. About a week ago I bought a pink wishing stone with “love” etched into it. I carry it in the side pocket of my purse and often reach in to rub it between my fingers or hold it in my hand. Each time the word love reverberates in my mind… almost meditatively.

As I was thinking about the love I wish for, I wondered if I was doing it correctly. I really think that rubbing the wish stone may bring love into my life because that’s what I’m focused on, but it may not bring the exact love I’m thinking of. I could get even more love from my friends and family, which would be great too.

image You can find some stones that have ancient symbols and rock art images that have profound meanings. There are others that are meant to be given a special significance by the owner. According to a site where I found some very reasonably priced stones, “Rub your wish stone to relieve stress, or use it as a talisman to promote inner growth.”

It’s that simple: Purchase the stone (or I’m sure you could make one yourself and rub it while focusing on your intentions.

Have any of you ever used a wishing or worrying stone? Do you believe in them or know of any stories about them?

**The image of the Baby Feet Stone is from I would have shown you a picture of my Love Stone, but I’m laying in bed and I can’t get up. LOL

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