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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Games - Adding Frightful Fun to Your Haunt

So the ghosts are hung in the treetops with care, in hopes that trick or treat-ers soon will be there?

If you've went to the nines with your haunt - don't stop at just the Halloween decorations. Delight the ghouls and boo-ys with a few fun and frightful games that are sure to put your family on the map for the best house on the block!

Graveyard-Themed Headless Horseshoes

Buy a few garden stakes and stick these lovelies right into the ground. Then, simply instruct your guests that the Headless Horseman really enjoys a good game of horseshoes. And if they ring at least three of his undead friends, they win a mini pumpkin. (A nod to his favorite choice for head replacement of course.)

Ghoulish Duckies

image A contest is a great way to add excitement to your haunt. If you have smaller ones in the crowd, don't leave the little kids out. Look for some really cute rubber ducks with a Halloween theme (available at Oriental Trading or Amazon.) From vampire ducks to witches and wizard ducks, a 12 pack usually costs about $10. Write numbers on the bottom of your ducks and place them in a faux caldron. The number they draw from the duck is the number of prizes they will receive at the door!

*Cute hint: Place a sign next to the ducks that say "Under Three Feet? Special Treats!" Also, if you don't plan on using them next year (or you'll simply buy new ones), let the little monsters keep the duckie they've picked too!

As you gear up for the big night, remember that Halloween is all about fun and games. Think of ways to put your signature twist on the ideas. For instance, if your haunt has a cute "harvest" theme you could take the Headless Horseshoes idea and turn it into a Ring Around the Pumpkin game. Create a little pumpkin patch and instead of throwing small rings, toss hula hoops. There's lots of fun variations!

Guest post by Chris Molnar, editor of a theme party website.

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