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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Two thumbs up, one thumb down {product review}

My children and I always have something in our hands to drink. It’s normally a bottle of water because I encourage healthy beverages and real hydration. They also drink other things like 100 percent juice and the occasional hot or iced tea, lemonade and the rare half a cup of soda, which bugs me every time they happily guzzle it down.

Those little thirsty monsters are always happy to help me try a new product so they were more than happy to sample Little Me Tea, which is lightly sweetened with fruit and vegetable juices with only 1 gram per ounce of sugar. It’s also rich in antioxidants, fortified with vitamin C rich Acerola berry as well as white, Rooibos and herbal teas. And, to top it off, it’s caffeine free.

Compared to other popular beverages that children drink, Little Me Tea has the lowest content of sugar,the least amount of calories,  is only one of two drinks that are caffeine free, contains vegetable juice and a whole food vitamin C.

DSCF5791My three little ones don’t care anything about the ingredients although my middle daughter always asks if a particular juice is healthy or not. She’ll look at that bottle for the 100 percent or pictures of fruit. Her and her siblings taste tested two flavors: Julia’s Tropical Tea and Zane’s Grape Tea. My 7-year-old son, who normally doesn’t like any type of tea, said the grape is, “Okay…” and he didn’t finish his serving. Amareah liked  the grape, but Anna didn’t like either one. I do notice, however, that she will guzzle it down when she wants a taste of something besides water. Overall I think it’s a good choice for children, but it’s a taste that’ll probably have to grow on them if they’re used to drinking beverages that have stronger and sweeter tastes.

DSCF5792Little Me Tea is also good as a healthy treat like adding frozen or fresh fruit and freezing for a frosty treat or add to a yummy smoothie. To learn more about the tea and find out where to purchase visit

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Disclosure: I received samples of Little Me Tea to help facilitate this review. This did not effect my opinion and any opinions expressed here are my own. For more information review my complete policy.

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