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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pencil case turned make-up bag

I am not, by nature, a wasteful person. I feel guilty for throwing food away that my kids leave on their plates and for not recycling my magazines now that we’ve moved further from the recycling center. I’ve stopped using Styrofoam plates – at least for now – and opted for my regular dinnerware. Unfortunately, my life doesn’t permit hand washing every dish or pot so I use the dishwasher. At least I’m not filling the landfills with non-biodegradable Styrofoam products.

Instead of throwing away old clothes, I give them away as long as they’re in good condition. We reuse clothing as much as possible: my oldest daughter and myself pass clothes back and forth as our tastes and needs change and all of my middle daughter’s clothes go to her younger sister. It’s my way of ensuring I definitely get my money’s worth (and save money) when it comes to material goods as well as be a good steward over what we have.

Another way I’ve found to save money and make good use of what I have is purchasing something cheaper to serve another purpose as opposed to what it is designed for. Not too long ago the makeup bag in my purse had an accident; it broke its zipper. It would have taken too much time to repair so I kept my eyes open for another one to replace it. I found one in the most unexpected place.

DSCF5801 While shopping for school supplies for my children, I discovered the cutest and most stylish pencil case that I’ve ever seen. It was in the sale bin at an office supply store and cost a little more than $3, which is a steal. The pencil case turned makeup bag holds everything I like to carry – lip gloss, lip balm, comb, mirror, nail file, lotion, dental floss, etc. That makes it a total SCORE!

It’s easy to find something less expensive than what you actually need or to up cycle. For instance, if you’re decorating or organizing around your home then you should evaluate the items you have that aren’t being used. Like an empty basket could be used to corral toys or keep extra rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom.

I always have a physical and mental list of items that I need or want. You can make a list of projects or items you need around the house. It’s a fun and frugal way to keep up with the things you need/want.

What are your favorite up cycling habits?

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