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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Blogging memories beat stats, views

When I first started this blog in 2007 it was out of a desire to write about a variety of topics. I have another blog, which floats in the blogosphere free from updates, and it had too narrow of a subject to hold my interest. When I worked as a magazine editor and in my freelance writing business I was used to writing profiles, articles, book and car reviews, travel articles and everything in between. I supervised photo shoots, managed an editorial budget, organized editorial meetings and coordinated freelance writers and photographers. It was definitely interesting and I needed something that was just as interesting and fun.

Hence, It’s a woman’s world! This gave me a spot to talk about my kids, my health, poetry and creativity – it allowed me to share a part of me. It’s an outlet for other writing I love and makes me a little money. It’s so cool to get comments, feedback and suggestions from readers who led me to their blogs. From there I came to know and love quite a few, and I was surprised there is such a loving community in the virtual world. People who I care for and how care for me. Like my “twin” Heather at Home to Heather, Melissa from Frugal Creativity and Shaunalynn from the Art and Science of Parenting.

DSCF5823 That community has provided me with a loud of memories that I keep in my “blog memories basket,” which I was given about three years ago from Jo at Life’s Perfect Pictures. I’ve filled the basket with notes and cards I’ve received from my blogging friends; some of whom I’ve won prizes from (jewelry from TwillyPop, ear cuffs from Lumi’s Earlums line and several other things). Lin from A Duck and Wheel with String has not only contributed to my memory basket, but she has also sent some things for my children proving to be just as sweet as she seems to be from reading her blog. There’s Tammy from Mom Knows Everything who has the most memorable children – experiencing the multigenerational parenting as well – and she’s always “available” for advice and contacts. Even thinking of me, all the way in Canada, when I least expect it. There are many others who have shown their love, support and friendship: Sandra, Sandra H., Tina (Mummy Diaries)… (Forgive me if there’s someone I’ve missed!)


I love browsing through
all of the blogging memories.


On the other side of this is the income. You see, when I started this I was married and pregnant. A few months later I was separated and still pregnant with only my husband’s income, which – as the separation went on – was going to cease. I had to make money. At the same time the economy killed 80 percent of my freelance income WHILE I was at the end of my pregnancy when I was  on “maternity leave.” So, naturally, I would seek to have the best of both worlds – the income and the blog. Thus, paid posts.

Am I happier with more readers, followers and money or the closeness, relationships and memories that have been a result of this blog? It’s hard to choose because I smile when I make money and I smile when I look at my blog memory basket. I’m hoping both will continue to exist at an equally successful rate because I love and need both.But, most recently, I have cut back on paid posts and site contributing to allow time to  rest and relax; more time to read, think and exist on a stress-free level. That part is going well.

Now I struggle between my desire to write and the creativity-lacking space I’m in right now, which I believe  results from my health issues. Dealing with that is exhausting: the doctors’ appointments, tons of medications, the way my body feels and how everything affects my rest and sleep. I just try to go with the flow by reading books, decorating, coloring with my kids, and even sewing. Mild and relaxing creativity.

In the end, stats really don’t matter, do they? If I have to stop blogging I know there are still friends out there and writing fun. Right?



  1. We'll always be here--and if you quit blogging, you'll know where to find us. We won't disappear on ya, but I certainly would miss catching up on you and your adventures.

    That said, you will need to start feeling better for our Hobo Tour! :)

  2. I was thinking about you the other day and telling myself I needed to get over here and catch up with your blog, it's been too long! Thank you for stopping by to comment on mine this weekend :) I love that you have a basket of blog memories! Trying to balance, stats, blog friends and actually sitting down to write can be overwhelming, especially when you aren't feeling well. Just make sure you're taking care of you!!

  3. Lin and Henrietta, Thanks so much. You gals are the sweetest! Oh, and Lin, I bought some energizing herbal tea so I'm sure I'll be ready to go. LOL

  4. If you have to stop writing, so be it. Life gets in the way sometimes!

    You can always take it up again. If you decide to stop and start back up just leave me a comment. I'll be back to make a comment on your blog.

  5. I am always going to think of you whether I hear from you or not! :)

  6. Wholeheartedly agreed @ blog memory basket. In the end, that means so much.

    You have a friend here, I'm sure you already know.


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