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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Take a trip down 175 Cherry Lane

One of the constant and universal things in life is music. Good tunes can cheer you up when you’re having a bad day, make you happy when you’re feeling sad, give you pep when you’re dragging your feet, and good music can also bring back long-lost memories – good or bad – to fuel your spirit and capture your heart.

You’ll find those long-lost memories in Rhinebeck Fever, a single on 175 Cherry Lane by KO. It’s a true story that KO tells where the characters are real, the first yoga class was experienced and where memories of the beautiful Rhinebeck and the people who live there. The Rhinebeck experience gave KO a good vibe and that feeling made its way to the album.

I know you wouldn’t dream of missing a song that can evoke such thought and feelings, so take a moment listen to Rhinebeck Fever and all of other classic songs from this “throwback” rock album on iTunes: 175 Cherry Lane by KO.

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