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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Quality time with my baby

My youngest child has been going a little stir crazy since all of her siblings have went back to school. Her school doesn’t start until August 26th and now that she’s here a lone it seems like the days ‘til the first day are just dragging along ooooh soooo veerrrry sloooowly.

Being at work-at-home mom I don’t really have as much free time as I would like, but being that I AM an work-at-home mom who runs her own business I can set my own schedule and take time off if needed. I shouldn’t just take time off when I’m not feeling well or to take someone to a doctor’s appointment, I have to make time for special time with my children.

One of the challenges of being a mom to four is that my time is normally very thin and I often have all of the children around me at one time. With Anna, the baby, I have an opportune moment to bond with her without the distraction and noise of the others.

So yesterday when she asked me to go to the park today I caught myself from saying no and telling her that I had to work. I instead told her that if she acted appropriately we would go to a different park today. Even when I got up today I tried to postpone the park adventure saying that we’d come back home after dropping the kids off at school and then go later. A little voice in my head said, “You know if you come home you aren’t going to want to go out later.”

We dropped the kids off, went to Wal-Mart and then to the park and I am sure glad we did.Img_00137  Img_00138

We sat on the bench swing together… And she asked, “Who’s doing that?” (Making it move! LOL)


She raced me from one point to the next… Only problem is she didn’t tell me we were racing!








We were really impressed by the playground because it was just like a big tree house. It had all kinds of cool handholds and footholds…

Img_00144 See my little munchkin up there?


Img_00147Watching her play (especially being able to swing alone), listening to her laughter, her constant chatter and questions, and observing her discover new sights and sounds made for a wonderfully pleasurable – and tiring! – morning. The most important part of that? Her laughter and the fact that mommy made her day.

And, truth be told, she made mine too!

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