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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Professional makeup & spa services

For a lot of women doing something special for themselves on certain occasions is something they look forward to. For instance, I’m my 40th birthday, a few years ago, I wanted to go to the spa and for my daughter’s 20th birthday this year we went to the spa again. We’ve since decided we want to go more often and on just about every special occasion including everyone’s birthday (we’ll celebrate for them!), any time we decide it’s a go-to-the-spa holiday and, for sure, the day before her wedding. Uh… which I hope is at least 10 years from  now.

Brides-to-be everywhere decide on spa services as well, but those who live in the Newport, RI area have the pleasure of visiting Cosmetic Cosmos where they can receive relaxing spa services along with the skill of a professional makeup artist to enhance their beauty for the big day. Most brides agree they want to look extra special when they walk down the aisle.

Join other brides and their bridal parties for makeup artist, Newport, RI, to put your best face forward on that special day. If you’ve visited a spa and experienced a professional makeover or the services of a makeup artist, leave a comment and tell me what you liked most about it? Anyone live in Newport, RI? Tell me if you’ve been to Cosmetic Cosmos.

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