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Friday, August 19, 2011

Professional makeup artists

When I worked as an assistant editor for a local magazine one of my responsibilities was organizing and coordinating the photo shoots. I had to book photographers and make-up artists, determine and/or suggest locations, submit contractors’ information and invoices and make sure everyone was in place on the big day.

It was actually a portion of the job I enjoyed the most especially since every avenue of creativity intrigues me. I love to observe photographers, the types of lenses they use, backdrops, lighting and compare that to the final product that was sometimes altered for creative reasons. It was equally as pleasurable to watch the makeup artists who manage to transform a subjects’ face into a masterful painting.

While observing these creative folks I had the opportunity to learn a lot about their businesses and experience. For instance, some of the makeup artists simply did photo shoots on the side, but worked out of salons or spas providing services for wedding parties, celebrities and the everyday client. There’s a makeup artist in Newport, RI, that I hear is pretty good and if you live in that area you should stop by the store – Cosmetic Cosmos – and check out their services.

After having seen so many fabulous makeovers, I would suggest everyone to pamper themselves at least once on a special occasion or just because. Have you ever had a make over?

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