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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Playing catch up!

I have no idea where the time is going or exactly how it got away from me. Well, that’s not true. My most recent life upheaval was when my daughter was in a car accident, which wasn’t her fault,  while driving my van. She’s fine, but the domino effect that accident  had on our finances, time, health, education, work, etc., has been tiring – to say the least.

RJ & Amber going down isle That, my friends, is why you haven’t seen me around as much as you should. I haven’t had a chance to tell you about the musical car game I played, which I’ll have to share in another post. To give you an idea: I was without my van for about seven weeks and had about 5 different rental cars. Why do I say “about?” Because I really can’t remember.

100_0998 My two middle children started school last Monday, which I did get a chance to tell you about, and Amber started yesterday. That leaves me at home with Anna until her school starts on August 26th. Needless to say I didn’t realize how much her siblings keep her occupied until they’re not around. Anna is a little ball of movement and energy that doesn’t sit still for more than a minute. Even when you can get her in a seat she only remains still for about 30 seconds before she’s turning, sliding, spinning… Oh my goodness, and the talking! When did she start talking so much? I guess I’m so used to tuning her and the others out that I hadn’t realized it, but she talks non-stop. About everything.100_0999

100_3085One of the worse parts about her being home – besides my lose of sanity – is the fact that she’s getting even more attached to me and is getting extremely, embarrassingly spoiled. It was worse before the kids went back to school now I’m hoping for a magical anti-spoiling pill. What makes it even worse is that I’m the “mean mommy;” I don’t give in easily, I’m consistent and all the things I was when I first became a parent 20 years ago. For some reason, however, that little girl still manages to get away with something or get around something. Even her fake crying sometimes gets a reaction.

She’s just so adorable… All the more reason for time to pass quickly and get her outta here.

PetAmber04Then there was the week I wasn’t feeling well. Everyone who reads fairly regularly knows about my health challenges, but that’s a link to catch you up or refresh your memory. As you know I experience pain daily and too much exertion, lack of sleep and inconsistent days along with stress exasperates my conditions. All of that built up and landed me in the bed for about a week. I was up and about briefly, but as soon as I returned home I would climb into my bed, try to work and end up falling asleep.

This time, instead of fighting my body, I gave into it. I realize that if I don’t care for myself the way I’m supposed to I can get a lot sicker and I don’t have the time or resources for that. Now if I can just keep up with my night-time schedule then all will be right with the world.

Until next time, I hope you’ll come back and read some of the sponsored and paid posts as well along with browsing old posts to get to know me better. Oh, and while I’m on the subject of paid posts and review: 95 percent of what I write is because I am interested in it and/or I think you’ll be interested in it. It’s not just the money, but a writer has to make a living, right?

Just nod in agreement and leave a nice comment. :-) … LOL


  1. Amber is about 11 years old there. So sweet… and she still is.
  2. Amareah & Andre are still that cute together. It’s always so sweet to see him hugging on his sisters. Today he sat down next to Anna to watch television and said, “I like hanging out with my baby sister.” Soooo adorable!
  3. Amareah & Andre are only 15 months apart in age.
  4. That’s Anna in a highchair. Probably almost 1 in 2008.
  5. Amber and I in 1996 or ‘97.
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