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Monday, August 22, 2011

‘He Was My Man First’ {book review}

It has been quite awhile since I’ve read a good fiction novel. (I think Guardian of the Gate by Michelle Zink was the last one. Click to read my review.) I’ve received so many non-fiction books to review and I’ve bought quite a few myself that I’ve become bored with all the seriousness, all of the self help and all of the… uh… realness. So when I received an email about “He Was My Man First” by Nancey Flowers and Courtney Parker, I jumped on the chance to review it. It was the title that caught my attention and made me chuckle. Here’s the overview from the back cover:

Valentine Daye is a product of the streets. Raised in the projects, she lost her father and her mother young. By fifteen, she was living the life with drug lord Colombo. But when Colombo and his crew are murdered, Richard Washington, one of Colombo’s many street runners, swoops in and wastes no time making Valentine his queen.

Nine years later, Valentine and Rich are a happy couple who have weathered some “minor” problems. Valentine is well aware that Rich steps out on her. But doesn’t every man? He always finds his way home. Or at least he did before Vanessa Knight.

Vanessa Knight is a woman who has everything . . . except Richard Washington. An heiress to a multimillion-dollar company, Vanessa is willing to forgive Rich’s flawed background. However, she wants him for herself, and tells him that he must decide what’s important to him—a flourishing career at clothier Jorge Jacobs, where she can make him a VP, or a life with his street past, Valentine?.

When Daye meets Knight, each woman plots and schemes to steal Rich’s heart. Rich must make a decision. Does he gamble and start a new life with the beautiful and cunning Vanessa, or does he stay with his around-the-way girl Valentine, who has been with him through thick and thin?

Although this may seem like your same ol’ novel – two women fighting over a man – it is extremely entertaining and revealing as the authors expose each characters’ true thoughts ultimately managing to reveal behaviors, patterns and tolerances that some of us experience. This novel was an experience that was similar to watching a movie where you shake your head, get upset and talk to the screen. Then you say, “mmm mmm mmm” and “mmmhmmm” at some parts while other times you’re evaluating the way you are in a relationship to determine if you have any of the  personality traits displayed in these colorful characters. Can you tell that I liked this book? Well, I definitely did.

Without giving away the ending: I was not happy with how the novel ended. I think my exact words were, “Ahhh, damn!” Not because it wasn’t a good ending, but because the person who ended up with the man didn’t make the choice I thought she should have made.

Disclosure: I received a copy of He Was My Man First by Nancey Flowers and Courtney Parker to help facilitate this review. This did not effect my opinion and any opinions expressed here are my own. Clicking on my Amazon affiliate link and making a purchase will garner a small commission for me. For more information review my complete policy.


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