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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Do you like money?

Although I haven’t made it to the ranks of extreme couponer I do consider myself a savvy saver. There are several sites where I get coupon codes or discount information when I am making online purchases and I print out coupons and sign up for store and retail alerts to ensure I know when there is a good deal.

Another thing I like to do is share with friends (and I consider you my friend) when I hear about something that will save you money. Sometimes those things will benefit me if you sign up and sometimes it’s just an FYI. One of the ways I save a little dough is by using Ebates, which I told you about before about two years ago in another post and encouraged you to sign up using my affiliate link. If you sign up then I earn a little cash back.

I’m beginning to think some people don’t like money. Why? Because a lot of blog readers have this aversion to signing up using others’ links because it’s a way for us to earn money or get rewards. I’m not going to comment on how I feel about that, but I do wonder why others don’t want to help someone when what they’re going to do will help them as well. *shrug*

If you like to have “extra” money as well as save money then you should check out Ebates. Yes, that’s my referral link. You will not only find deals there, but you will get cash back on purchases. That’s beneficial especially when it’s on something you’ll purchase anyway. I recently shopped at The Children’s Place and snagged some goodies for my three young children during a fabulous sale. I received 3 percent cash back on my purchase PLUS I had a coupon code for free shipping. Total score for me.


One of the things I snagged was this uniform sweater coat for my middle daughter. This normally sells for $24.95 and I was able to get it for $18.71.  That deal coupled with free shipping is more than worth it. Since we live in Georgia we don’t often need very heavy outer wear so this will probably be perfect for school and comfortably carrying a backpack. I also bought her a cream colored beret and scarf to match add a fancy pair of tights and some cute shoes and my little diva will start the day in style.

If you haven’t signed up for Ebates, please click my affiliate link and give it a try.

What ways and/or sites do you use to save or earn money? And what’s your favorite way?

Disclosure: This is an FYI post that I decided to write when I was checking my Ebates balance. This is not a paid or sponsored post. If you click the referral link and  sign up I will receive a monetary award ($5, I think.). Thanks!

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