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Friday, August 26, 2011

Anna’s first day of school

It’s official – everyone is back to school. Amber, the oldest, and my two middle children went back to school a few weeks ago and little Anna was left home with me until today. (We did have fun spending extra one-on-one time together.)

The baby of the family returned to head start for the second year and is participating in kindergarten readiness since she didn’t get into Pre-K at her siblings’ school. She seemed to have mixed feelings about going: excited to put on her “first day outfit” and tote her backpack around. Not too happy to get outta the van. Then joy to see the new building and her classroom; not too thrilled about mommy leaving her, but when I picked her up I was stoked that she was pleased to see me and boosted about her “good day.”

My youngest – little Miss Anna (mommy’s moo-ma-licious!) – is a big girl!

 DSCF5806   DSCF5809



The posing princess!








And the silly posing princess!

 DSCF5811 DSCF5812














(While Anna happily posed, Amareah sadly pouted ‘cause she got in a little trouble and decided that she REALLY needed to stay home with mommy.)

To everyone who doesn’t begin school until after labor day, enjoy your last week of freedom and fun.

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