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Saturday, July 9, 2011

This is the story – give or take a detail or two

About two weeks ago, three days after my oldest daughter’s 20th birthday, she – Amber- was in a car accident.

Before I go any further let me first say she is relatively okay, and that’s all I can say regarding her injuries, etc., because of the personal injury case. Nope, it was not her fault!

DSCF4802 Since the accident there has been so much going on between my van being out of commission to the lawyers, insurance people and unexpected expenses – my head is spinning. I’ve had three rental cars within five days and have doubled the amount of time I spend actually talking on the phone. (I’m a chronic texter!)

I haven’t even written anything here because I have been having trouble formulating words, keeping my thought pattern and finishing one thing at a time. My memory has been worse than normal and my sleep patterns are way off. I never knew that this process was so difficult. I’ve actually never been in an accident of this magnitude or anywhere near that so it’s taking a lot out of me. (And I wasn’t even there!)

I could sort of feel it coming on last night that heavy, extra soreness accompanied by exhaustion, burning eyes and a headache. This morning I was dizzy, sore and shaking, which is a clear indication that I must slow down soon. The shaking was a little scary for me because it hasn’t happened like that before. I wish I could have stayed in and laid down all day, but I had to work plus go to the post office, cleaners, take out the trash and hit up Walmart. And I had some correspondence to attend to as well as phone calls regarding the van.

DSCF4641Tomorrow’s plans included laying down until my girlfriend’s husband’s 40th birthday cookout, but those plans have already been thwarted because I have to go to the collision center and sign some paperwork. I guess I could just get up, throw on some clothes and get that errand out of the way then return home and lay down.

That means I’ll have to ignore the laundry and dishes, but I don’t think that’s going to be entirely possible. What about if I do housework when I get back then lay down ‘til 6 p.m.? The cookout starts at 7.

Here’s what really happened:

I slept fairly good last night and woke up feeling my “normal” soreness and exhaustion. It was about 9 a.m. or so and I had to call the collision place to find out what time they closed (of course, I’d forgotten). Since they closed at noon I got up showered, dressed, ate, enjoyed my coffee and Amber took me to the place. I decided to go ahead to the Veteran’s hospital to get some x-rays done that I delayed because of the accident adventures.

On the way, my body started to shut down again a little. Exhaustion crept back in and the sjrogren’s reared its ugly head. I arrived there and found out that I had other images that hadn’t been done. Got that out of the way and headed back home to lunch and another cup of coffee.

Here I sit trying to finish some work, ignore the television that my daughter is watching and hoping that the heavy feeling I have abates really soon - ‘cause I promised my friend that I’d be at the party.

What are you up to this weekend?



  1. Aw, I wish I could come and help you out. Take it easy sweetie :)

  2. Oh, SCARY! I hope you guys are okay!!


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