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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thinking about aging and babies

Not too long ago I got to thinking about getting older. It was really just a general thought as I heard my daughter Amber, who recently celebrated her 20th birthday, talk about friends and acquaintances who were getting married and/or having babies. One of her friends who is having a little girl asked my daughter to be the child’s godmother and Amber has been really excited about baby clothes and other baby items.

It’s a little uncomfortable for me because I don’t think single young ladies that age should be having babies, but I suppose I can understand her excitement. So as she ropes me into helping her with the baby shower I’ve been thinking about the best types of gifts to get for her and to tell people she needs. One of the best things I’ve come across are the personalized baby gift baskets, which sort of solve the problem of deciding what to get. Another great idea is to get a group and everyone pitch in to by a large-ticket item.

Whatever we decide to do for the young lady, I’m sure there will be many moments when it dawns on me that I’m getting old. I guess the good part is watching a new generation take the reigns.

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