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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

‘Flyin’ to the beat of 175 Cherry Lane

Exploring various types of music has been an adventurous journey that I’m truly enjoying. I’ve talked about the music of 175 Cherry Lane not too long ago and as I learn more about the album I’m intrigued at the process and mesmerized by the sounds.

There is a song, “Flyin,” which the artist KO wrote as an instrumental about eight years ago with the help of George Barker who worked with him to shape the sound of the song. “I wrote it with that ethereal feeling I get every time I visit upstate NY, especially the Lake Minnewaska and Shawungunk's area,” KO says. “After sitting with the tune I decided to add some sparse lyrics to capture the mood. The song then ended up on the "175 Cherry Lane" Collection.”

“Flyin” was the first tracks written for 175 Cherry Lane and then after a friend’s suggestion (John Braheny) KO re-cut it with a sax to replace the lead vocal. The song came full circle and right back to the original idea of an instrumental, which was mixed by Mark Rinaldi . KO says “Flyin” now has the jazz/rock fusion feel to it that some people really like and for those who really like the vocals and the story it’s on the album as well. “It's a simple song, yet gives off a powerful mood, I tried to evoke a feeling of how it would feel to really fly, something I thought about as a kid, some things you never want to let go of.”

You have to check out 175 Cherry Lane from KO on cdbaby, I’m sure you’ll find it a glorious listen just like I – the musical explorer – has.


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