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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This is GNAT funny

I don’t know why every summer they have to test my patience. This summer has to be the worse. There is no fruit out. I’m trying to keep the kids’ sticky little trails off of the table and everything else they touch. I’m putting away and yelling about the wet towels – from thousands of baths and hundreds of pool visits – and still they prosper!

It’s gotten so bad that gnats are invading my person space. Why must they fly toward my face and bounce off of my cheek? Do they have to come see what I’m eating or ponder my plate if I turn away for just a little second?

This whole thing has caused a seriously crazy and frenzied cleaning, wiping and spraying fest. If I find out where the worse of them are they better watch up ‘cause I am not playing –!

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