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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pop Rocks! I still love them

My oldest daughter Amber and I decided to eat at Crackle Barrel this past Saturday. Wait, let me clarify: Amber wanted to eat there and it didn’t take much for her to convince me after I found out she was going to pay for it. :-D

Fans of Crackle Barrel know that they have a little shop with all kinds of old-fashioned, country goodies as well as candy that is seriously a blast from the past. They have boxes of candies from different decades – 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s – with Jaw Breakers, Now & Laters, those little tab-like candies that are stuck to the white paper (do you remember those) and thousands of others.

100_4745 There was one candy included that I decided to buy separately. I bought two little packages of Pop Rocks in the original flavor cherry. I didn’t even know – or remember – that they came in different flavors, but I do remember that they were the coolest, “funnest” and yummiest candy ever.

I excitedly paid for them and was even more excited to share with my neighbor – he’s 40 and I knew he would get a straight blast-from-the-past moment of enjoyment at the site. (Well, I figured he would be as pleased as I was.)

Amber was driving so when I got in the car I carefully tore open the package (so I could save it. Yup, crazy, huh?) and poured some into my hand. I gazed in wonder at the little rocks… Would they still pop? I mean the package said “still popping after 30 years,” but was it really true?


I popped them in my mouth and widened my eyes in memory of the childhood joy. I started bobbing my head and smiling. Amber, who’s almost 20, says, “I’m glad you are enjoying yourself” and was shaking her head at me. I didn’t care. I popped some more and opened my mouth a little. That caused another teenage roll of the eyes, but it didn’t change my happiness.

Just writing this post has me smiling at the memory and you can best be believing that I will be going back to Crackle Barrel for some more real soon.

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