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Saturday, June 18, 2011

It feels good… yea!

Remember my quest to organize and minimize? (Jog your memory by reading my first post of the year about organizing.) Well, it’s still in the process and I’m continually making progress. Today I needed to catch up on (and organize!)  some bills and in the process I had a lot of papers to go through and a file to clean out. I didn’t know when I pulled the file out of the cabinet that it would be such a gigantic task. It was so much that I had to ask Amber to help me. She’s such a wonderful daughter!


100_4800Here she is sorting papers for me into three or four piles so I can find the most recent one. On the right are most of the papers that were discarded.

And below are the final ones that I had to sort before I could anything away. I’m pretty pleased that I made a dent in minimizing and exceptionally pleased that I caught up on my bills.  

100_4803Now if I can get through my book and magazine reading piles, the needs-to-be-reviewed pile and go through the pile of other paper items to review and to do I’ll feel even better.  

What did you do today?



  1. My piles are in boxes :(

    Keep it up . . . please inspire me to tackle the boxes!!

    Have a wonderful weekend . . . Gina

  2. Hey, good for you, Petula! I've been doing something similar. My "pile" (I can't handle looking at more than one, so I generally create one massive clump) was out of control!

    But I've finally minimized it quite a bit. I also have a to-be-read pile. I keep thinking I should really sign up for a speed reading class. Someday...

  3. How sweet of your daughter to help!

  4. What is it with paperwork?? Gees, it just seems to multiply!! I'm forever sorting it and tossing.


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