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Friday, June 10, 2011

Do you bite your lip?

In all honesty I have no idea where to start with this one. It seems like an easy question and answer, right? It’s either:

  1. No, I don’t bite my lip.
  2. Yes, I bite my lip accidentally sometimes when __________. (eating, chewing…)
  3. I only bite my lip when I’m nervous or thinking.
  4. Uh, no.

Normally my answer would be number two: I occasionally and accidentally bite my lip while chewing. Lately, probably over the last week or so – give or take, I’ve been biting my lip in.the.exact.same spot. I don’t even have to tell you how painful that is, right?

Each time it has happened has been without warning. I’m minding my own business chewing a piece of gum or eating dinner and then wham! There have been a couple of times that I’m only yelling at reprimanding the children when I’ve suddenly bitten my lip in the same spot. I grab my mouth, pause for a moment and mumble for my children to leave me alone and just do what I said.

Then things go back to normal… at least ‘til the next time.

That next time came last night. I decided to luxuriate in the bathtub and enjoy some semi-quiet time. Did a lot of girly stuff, oiled down and piddled around. Eventually I unlocked my door when my neighbor knocked to see if I was ready for dinner. I could hear all of our children as well as my oldest and her friend hoopla-ing it up in the living room.

I decided to enjoy myself alone. When I finally decided to eat, she brought me a plate and I sat on my bed. I took a bite of the salmon (OMG, it was soooo good), scooped up some homemade mashed potatoes (Mmmm, yea baby!) and savored my famous spinach pie (needed more seasoning). Just as I was really getting into my meal I chomped down – really hard – on my lip!

The pain was excruciating and there was a piece of something dislodged. As I tried not to dribble the food out of my mouth and get it carefully chewed and swallowed I could feel the piece of my lip sorta hanging out. I had bit the same spot open and a piece of the inside of my lip was on the outside. I summoned my oldest daughter and after some investigation, mumbling and OMG-ing and whatnot, we decided to go to the ER at the Veteran’s hospital. I figured since I couldn’t eat at all or talk well that it warranted an ER trip.

After some numbing, snipping, bleeding, cutting and more bleeding the piece was finally removed.

How many times have you said eeewwwww while reading this?

Come to find out – now here’s the not-so-funny part – is that because of the Sjogren’s disease I have to be very careful. Huh? What? Well, the doctor said because of the dry mouth that can cause me not to realize how hard I’m biting down. I maintain that I don’t have time to realize anything ‘cause I’m in the middle of talking or chewing. When I asked my daughter who is my backup medical observer and absorber she said she had no idea either. Just to be careful.

I can’t even be normal when it comes to biting my lip? Seriously?

It was all a bit funny and sitcom-like until I found it it’s related to one of my diseases. Sigh…

Anyway, do you have any crazy, bite-my-lip stories? Tell all in the comments.

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