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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Believe it or not… I’m delinquent

It escapes my mind as to whether I’ve posted that I’m going to slow down on doing reviews and more than likely stop doing giveaways. Although I love doing book and product reviews I am continually getting behind on them. I see a press release or information about a book from an author or publishing company and I get so excited because I’m absolutely addicted to books. It doesn’t matter that my to-be-read and to-be-reviewed piles are already overflowing, I accept before I know it and it grows even higher.

I do a better job of ignoring the new products coming out … uh, sometimes. But I’m getting behind in that as well so I’m going to have to put myself on punishment. At least until I have time when I have more focus and more quiet to concentrate on reading (why is it that I read so slowly now?) an entire book in less than six months to a year.

Then there are those product reviews. I may actually use the product, but unless I write about it right away I often forget. If it’s a children’s product I try to do it at the right time, but I sometimes do that at the right time as well.

And, honestly, besides free books and products I don’t get paid for them so it really shouldn’t be a priority. There are often products that help to supplement my income (you know like coupons for free pizza) and that’s always good, but I have to continue to focus my editing and writing business. That includes being more organized and productive as well as bringing in more money.

I wrote all of that to say: given my delinquencies I neglected to choose a winner for the last giveaway I had for the FRESCHETTA® By the Slice and a FRESCHETTA® storage set. If you click the link you’ll see that the giveaway ran in April, but I still have the prize so it’s only right to go ahead and send it to the winner.

The winner is ….


Congratulations Andrea. Please email your mailing address to me as soon as you get the opportunity (and forgive my delinquency). Andrea will also be contacted for her address information.

What’s the best thing you like about hosting giveaways or what’s the worse thing? Do you post them on your site, enter them or neither?

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