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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

99 percent good; I’ll take it

I happily went to my hematology appointment today. Yup, happily. That’s the appointment where my very thorough, professional and friendly physician’s assistant reviews all of my tests and blood work from my last visit through the current visit. Then reviews the current day’s blood work, which I have to get before each appointment.

MP900315619[1] Today’s appointment mostly went well. Mostly meaning 99 percent. And I’m pleased with that. There was one blood test result – the most important one – that hadn’t been recorded yet. That particular test lets them know whether the smoldering multiple myeloma is active, and I’m sure that if it is they’ll let me know. The 1 percent that isn’t good is my white blood cell count is low; it’s lower than my normal too low results… that resulted in a reminder for me to take care not to get sick and to get a lot of rest.

Lately, that seems to be easier said than done. Even when I go to bed at a semi-decent hour I don’t sleep that well so I’m still tired. It’s a viscous, ugly cycle. There are a few other things I can try to help myself in the sleep department, but I feel like it’s the one area where I can be a little rebellious and not have any repercussions. (Come on, give me a break I take 14 pills per day!)

What’s next? Another Zomeda treatment in August (that’s to help in strengthening my bones), a more extensive x-ray (or was it MRI?) of my shoulder and neck area, follow-up appointments and monitoring of all the “little” things that are brewing. There ya have it, my health update.

How have things been going on your side of the world?

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