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Saturday, June 25, 2011

The 20th Birthday Celebration

Twenty years (and two days) ago I gave birth to my first child. She was a sweet baby who only fussed and screamed when no one else was around. Early on she learned to play independently managing to snag some scissors, cut up a page in my datebook and call 911 all before she was a year old. A week before her first birthday she decided to walk to her godfather and she hasn’t stopped since.

My sweet little girl who loved Barney, Barbie's, bicycles and bananas is now a grown-up young lady who still loves pink and Barbie's, but also bake scrumptious cakes, cooks a mean pot of greens in her “spare” time, which is between studying chemistry, being a fabulous friend and one of he best daughter’s in the world!

Yes, she has made her mommy proud.

Thursday, the day of her birthday, and Friday we had fun-filled, semi-lazy and full days. I’m going to share a few pictures from her birthday in the next few days or so. For now, join me in telling my Amber, Happy Birthday!


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