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Monday, May 16, 2011

What questions do you have about relationships?

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Most of us who have been in relationships or who are still in relationships know that maintaining them can be a little hard work. What do we do when we have questions about our relationships, which we don't want to ask our friends and family? There's one place that I've visited that has all sorts of tips on keeping your relationship fresh.

At you'll find information on the various stages of relationships including dating, engaged and marriage. There is even relationship advice for parents and those who are in an exclusive dating relationship. Visitors to the site can read the numerous articles, take quizzes to understand themselves and the relationship they're in as well as watch relevant videos including one featuring CSI: NY actor and author Hill Harper. In the video Harper shares information about Conversation Parties, which involve inviting a group of people - both men and women - who come together and address relationship questions that the party goers have.

Harper explains that we don't often get the time to have true conversations because we're so busy in the virtual world, but coming together as a group and in person can help build better relationships. Especially when it comes to get others' perspectives. The idea of a conversation party appeals to me because when there are relationship issues I'd like to discuss or questions I have about the opposite sex I normally turn to my friends for answers.

What questions do you have about relationships? Is there a common question that you haven't gotten answers to? Share your questions in the comment section. Also, when you're finished here, take a moment to like on Facebook.

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