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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pictures from the party

Last week I gave you a little peek at the party I had for my three young children. Here are the other pictures I promised:
The boys played outside for most of the time. Here’s Andre (center) with his best friend who lives next door. The little guy is actually Anna’s guest (her “boyfriend,” she says, from school)  for the birthday party but during the tea party he gets to hang out with the big boys.
100_1419 The girls took their seats to get ready for their tea party. The began enjoying the cupcakes (in various sizes and flavors) while they waited for the tea.
100_1422 100_1423

We talked about the different types of tea pots, cups and even how different cultures enjoy tea. I also allowed them to taste the tea at different stages. They tasted it black and nothing in it. No one liked it that way! They all tasted it with just one scoop of sugar and thought it wasn’t sweet enough. Then they all tasted it with two scoops and determined it was best that way. One little girl only wants sugar in hers and the rest of the young ladies want theirs with two scoops of sugar and a fair amount of cream.
Oh, we also discovered that most of the girls had never had hot tea before and we also talked about proper etiquette. They haven’t quite mastered keeping napkins on their laps. LOL…
We didn’t spend much time talking about it and I ended by saying, “Now you know how you like your tea prepared.” And I reviewed what everyone liked. It was fun seeing their faces when I said that. It was a, ‘Yea, I know how I like tea!”
Everyone enjoyed the fruit, veggies and snacks, which were very yummy!
Even our littlest princess got a crown and everyone of the big kids went home with treat bags specifically made for boys and girls!
I think we captured most of the gang here although I don’t see a couple of our smaller guests!
Here’s Amareah (on the left) with her BFF from next door. Aren’t they beautiful?

More pictures in the album below.
And, finally, here are Anna’s birthday pictures:
    100_1488 100_1489 Anna picked out her cake – she loves the confetti!
I love the look on her face as she glances at me when everyone is singing happy birthday. It’s funny that she loves attention, but when the focus is all on her she gets bashful. :-)
100_1490  When they were finished singing happy birthday, I sang the part of “I’m four years old” and added “almost” at the end of every verse. Everyone thought this was cute especially since I raised Anna’s hand every time she I said almost.
All the kids enjoyed Anna opening her gifts. And, since I know my children, I always confiscate new toys because after the party is over they want to open and play with them alone.
 100_1496  100_1499
100_1501 100_1504

One final hug to Anna’s little friend.

And we my neighbor could not leave the tea party hostess out of the gift-giving fun. Amareah received her own little porcelain tea set.

Oh… and we can’t forget the hostess. Me. Against my wishes my neighbor insisted on getting a picture of me. BTW: Thanks Melissa for taking all of the pictures. These moments would not be captured if it weren’t for you.
And because I couldn’t resist when I saw it, here’s a picture of Anna two years ago! Aahhhh!
Anna's 2nd birthday 002
Happy Birthday Big Girl!
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