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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Peek at the party

This past Saturday I had a party for three of my children. I’d been promising Amareah a tea party since January and Anna was expecting a birthday party (her big 4-year-old day is at the end of the month) and, of course, I couldn’t leave out Andre so he had his two best friends to play with. That was about 14 to 16 kids in and around the house along with a few parents. Although the preparations almost caused me to pull my hair out and the noise was over the top; the kids had a ball. Not one complaint or disappointment among my three. Now I would call that a success.

Here are a few pictures I took before my camera died. (Yup, really died!) I’ll share some more at a later date when I get them from my friend/neighbor.

Here’s Amareah (in the back on the right) with her classmate from school and Anna. There were only princesses at the tea party and the hostess and guest of honor wore crowns adorned with features. They all looked so cute.


Although I didn’t get to put up all the decorations I wanted to, I did get a chance to hang up paper lanterns (Are they considered lanterns if they aren’t any lights? LOL) and “crystals.”



My young princess, and the baby of the family, is almost 4 years old. You see the noise maker she’s holding? Well, when all the children got their hands on one, the first thing my neighbor said was, “What were we thinking?”



Don’t forget to check back for more pictures from this fun – and loud! – day. :-)

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