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Monday, May 2, 2011

Make the most of business cards

With so many people using technology more than they use paper or one-on-one interaction it can be difficult to know what to do with those old, tried and true business stables that most of us have used in the past. You know, like letterhead and business cards.

I, for one, have tons of business cards. Not only for my editing and writing business, but also for my jewelry making (yes, I’m still going to do that!) that I’d like to be more than just a hobby. One of the problems I’m having is how can I best utilize these cards – by not letting them just sit in a box – to accomplish the original goal that I purchased them for.

Of course, I did a little Internet searching to get some additional ideas and I was pleased to find some methods that I hadn’t thought of. There were the regular tips of passing them on when you meet someone and keeping them in a nice holder to prevent bending, but did you  know that it’s a perfect method of helping someone to remember you by jotting something on the back of the card? You can right “This is my direct line” and include your number or give them a reminder of an event you told them about. To take that a little further you can have something interesting printed on your cards that gives people a reason to hold on to them – think calendar, list of services or coupon.

The one thing I’m considering is putting a card in every bill or correspondence I mail including thank you notes and letters. The reason is that you don’t know who will open that envelope and they just may be in the need of your service or product. Sound like a long shot? Well, it’s better than leaving them sitting in a box. Right?
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