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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Keep your tween or teen from fretting the sweat


Nowadays kids are entering puberty and experiencing biological changes like producing body odor earlier than they have in years past. I’ve even noticed that in one of my children who – compared to my oldest daughter – already needs deodorant at the prepubescent stage. In fact, there is research* that solidifies that point. Unilever doesn’t want those kids to “fret the seat” so they’re offering a variety of products that can help tweens and teens to stay cool, calm, comfortable and confident all day long.

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*Marcia E. Herman-Giddens, Eric J. Slora, Richard C. Wasserman, Carlos J. Bourdony, Manju V. Bhapkar, Gary G. Koch, and Cynthia M. Hasemeier. Secondary Sexual Characteristics and Menses in Young Girls Seen in Office Practice: A Study from the Pediatric Research in Office Settings Network; Pediatrics, Apr 1997; 99: 505 - 512. University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill (2001, September 18). Research: U.S. Boys Also Reaching Puberty Earlier Than In Past.

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