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Friday, May 13, 2011

Keep untrained employees away from customer service

During the course of my marriage (that links to some previous posts I’ve written about marriage – some personal, some not) I allowed certain things to be done in the financial arena that really f-ed me up. And, unfortunately, I’ve found out that this has happened to a lot of women. Majority women, actually – there has only been one man who has said he experienced something similar. Over the past four years I’ve been trying to clean that up and get back to the good financial standing I had about 10 years ago.

I tell you all of that so you’ll understand why I had to go to Walmart to cash a check. Several checks really. This is the first time I’ve used this money service and was pleased when I found out they charge a flat fee instead of a percentage and will cash government or payroll checks up to $5,000. Cool, right?

Not for long.

I shuffle my under-the-weather self (headache, sore throat, body aches and cough) to my local Walmart, stand in line for about 15 minutes and happily hand my check to the employee who begins the transactions. She processes two small checks and proceeds to do the other two, which get rejected.

The system spits out a small sheet that instructs you to call a toll free number for information. It’s the stupidest system I’ve ever heard or seen because the automation doesn’t tell you anymore than what you found out from the sheet of paper and the employee. Below is what happened and exactly what I sent to the store and corporate regarding the situation:

I went to the Money Center at the Walmart in Stockbridge, Georgia for the first time today. I've never used this service and was pleased that I finally found somewhere that would cash my tax return for a flat fee. I approached the counter and gave the employee, Salisha, four government checks. She took all four and began the transactions. The last two, one of which was more than $3,000, did not go through and she gave me the slip to call the automated line and that did not offer any additional information or solution. I walked back up to the counter and asked the other lady what should I do and as soon as she found out I had four checks she told me I can only cash two per week. I said, "Why didn't she tell me that because then I could have told her which ones to cash." Because of the employees lack of training and knowledge I am not able to take care of my financial responsibilities that I have to handle today. I told the manager in front of Salisha that she needs to be better trained because she should have told me I couldn't cash more than two checks. The manager apologized and Salisha's response was that she didn't know the checks were for smaller amounts. That is totally not the point. As soon as I handed her those checks she should have said, 'I'm sorry we can only cash two checks for you today. It's a policy of two per week.’ There would have been no problems with that because I would have just came back next week with the smaller checks. This is a total lack of real customer service and poor training. There shouldn't be anyone at the Money counter that doesn't know all of the rules. Because of her lack of knowledge she has messed up my financial situation and no one is going to take responsibility for that. No one loses out but me. I am extremely disappointed by this and will be passing along this information to others to hopefully save them from being in such a terrible situation. Totally unacceptable.

Can you tell I’m annoyed?

I swear that saying is true about people not using the good sense that God gave them. I guess this is one of the reasons some people have little regard for Walmart. It’s actually one of my favorite stores; however, I can’t wait ‘til my situation improves and I don’t have to deal with anything like that ever again.

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