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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Busy week of transitions

This week, from bright and early Monday morning until now, has gone nothing like I thought it would or as planned. I’m so anxious for Friday night just because then I will know school is over for the summer, I’ll be able to sleep later some  morning and things will hopefully take on a more relaxed pace.

Let’s review what’s happened so far:

DSCF5751 Monday’s plan was to sleep late, finish up a little housework, get all of my Monday work completed (because I had the entire week’s worth of work scheduled out) and end the day with everyone going to bed on time. That didn’t  happen. The children’s father dropped Anna off (without warning or notice) in the morning because he said she shouldn’t go to school because she was sick. Now, regardless of what I have scheduled or planned, when a child gets sick on my time then I will cancel and/or rearrange what I have to do. You know, the sacrifice that mothers always make. I don’t understand why he can’t be the total parent when the children are in his care. An-t-way, luckily I didn’t have a doctor’s appointment because that’s one of the things I schedule every other Monday. I didn’t get any work completed and because I had went to bed so late because I was expecting to sleep a little late, I wasn’t very productive. At all.

DSCF5656 On Tuesday Anna stays home sick again, but that morning Amareah had her awards ceremony so  my neighbor and I – along with Anna – attended that. After the ceremony the children – the rising FIRST GRADERS! WOW! – were allowed to leave for the day. My exhaustion for the day before trickled over into Tuesday and, again, I wasn’t as productive but I did accomplish some work. Now my to-do list is officially off kilter.

Today my son had his awards ceremony. (Yes, Andre and Amareah attend the same school.) My neighbor, her husband and her daughter went as well because their son is in the same grade as mine. We attended the ceremony and laughed nearly the entire time especially after the dishwasher (we were in the cafeteria) had a malfunction and water poured from a back room right to where we were sitting. It was actually a tidal wave – give or take! By the time the ceremony is over and we get the boys checked out of school my energy is petering out. Oh, I didn’t mention that my plans to go to bed early were severely altered by an event that I’m not at liberty to discuss. Let’s just say: just when you think it’s safe to go back in the water… here comes another shark!

DSCF5659 I’m so far off of my schedule that I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing this afternoon (Wednesday) or tomorrow (Thursday), for that matter. However, I do know that I (along with my neighbor. Woohoo!) will be going to Anna’s international day on Friday. At the end of each year, the head start ends with International Day and each class chooses a country to represent. Last year (or was it the year before?) Amareah’s class represented China. I can’t remember what country Andre’s class did two years ago so take a look at that post and see if you can tell me.

DSCF5665 And that, dear friends, is my busy week of transitions.

On the happy (nostalgic) side of things all of my babies are moving up and on. Congratulations Amber as you enter your junior year of college, congrats Andre and Amareah for passing to go to the next grades and congratulations baby Anna as you move on to public school pre-k.

I love my babies!

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