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Sunday, April 3, 2011

What’s today?

I have this really colorfully cool calendar from Oriental Trading (got it for free! YIPPEE!) and it says that today is Find A Rainbow Day. I didn’t know that such a day existed, did you?


At first when I saw that I took it literally and I thought if I was telling my children that they would have taken it literally as well. Then, as I sat here thinking about it, it dawned on me that it could be taken a different way: I can find a rainbow in anything today.

To me rainbows mean glorious color, mystery and happiness. I can find that in my day:

  • It’s in the music I’m listening to that doesn’t have the sound of my children in the background.
  • It’s in the ability to be able to clean up my home.
  • There’s the happiness I find in a quiet and random day.
  • It’s in the sun that shines outside and the breeze I hear rustling the leaves at my door.
  • It’ll be in the voices of the friends I’ll connect with today.
  • I feel it in my heartbeat at the joy of life.
  • It was the love I heard in my children’s voices when they called me earlier.
  • It’s in the jokes, love and playfulness I have with my best friend.

image That rainbow is everywhere. Today is Find A Rainbow Day; have you found yours?





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