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Friday, April 15, 2011

Super {crazy} mom to the rescue!

Most of you know that I have four children ages 19, 7, 6 and almost 4, but – as most moms know – every once in awhile there are things that happen that can put a link, or diversion, into your best-laid plans.

Yesterday, a friend of mine had an emergency and I was contacted to take care of her daughter. (So, now I have 7-, 6-, 5- and almost 4-year-old children.) It didn’t involve going out of my way or anything because she goes to the same school as my youngest child; it just involves a little more activity and coordination during the afternoon, dinnertime, bath time and bedtime routines.

DSCF5392Since it was unexpected I thought I would be a whirlwind of a mess with screaming, hungry children,  an unorganized home and uncooked food. But, much to my surprise, I got homework completed, test studied for, dinner cooked (and I did actually have to cook and not heat up in the microwave), everyone fed, homework done, spelling test studied for,* baths and showers and everyone was in bed by about 8:30. Score one for the mom team!

*I started just to delete that so you wouldn’t know that I repeated myself, but it’s only proof of the crazy mommy brain that I have today.

DSCF5441Usually after the children’s bedtime I do some work, watch a little television and straighten up before retiring to my room at around 10 or 11 o’clock. Last night around 9ish my head was spinning and I found myself surfing the Internet, trolling around Facebook and stalking people while I texted one of my BFFs.

As my body became more and more meshed with the couch, I decided to clean up and get in bed. Laptop in tow with a few papers and things I needed to finish I made my way to bed… I don’t think I lasted 30 minutes before I started to doze off. Even now my eyes are heavy, but falling asleep while sitting in a chair in the library may not be the prudent thing to do.

DSCF5445This morning I survived too (even though I already feel a little crazy!)… It was a un-orchestrated, impromptu sitcom of finding undershirts, clothes for our little friend, socks for everyone, uniform pants, fixing breakfast (I overslept by 3o minutes or so… Okay, that’s a lie I kept hitting snooze) and a cup of coffee while shuffling everyone out the door. The only ones calm and happy where the four plus one children meandering to the van.

Plus one? Yup. My son’s BFF from next door rides to school with us and he even beat me outta the door today. They chattered and played their way to the van, buckled themselves in and sat waiting for me to figure out what to do next.

Hmmm? I thought. Oh yea, start van, defrost, put on seatbelt, sip coffee, which made me feel a little less crazy and I happily sipped to the background noise of jokes, playing laughing and one pouter.

All is right with the world….

Well, uh, at least until I do it all in reverse this afternoon. … Has anyone seen my coffee?

*Yes pictures are of the actual children, but on a different day. A blogger, who shall remain nameless, is waiting for someone in the library and she doesn’t have her memory card for current pictures.

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