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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oh, I forgot to tell you

How long has it been since I updated you on my health and weight loss journey? Sorry to leave you hanging…

The good news and the okay news
My conditions (I hate the word diseases) are stable. Although my blood work(including the iron)  isn’t normal it was a little better on my last appointment. The MRI of my liver still shows the blood tumor, but it’s not doing anything and it’s benign. The multiple myeloma seems to be just simmering below the surface. The doctors believe that it’s in remission.

I will continue on my “to be watched” doctors’ visits and have my blood levels monitored, my liver levels peered at and my bone marrow inspected. It isn’t fun, but it is necessary.

On the weight loss front this is all I have to say: Whose body is it anyway?

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