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Friday, April 1, 2011

My little fashionista is at it again! Please vote for her…

My 6-year-old daughter Amareah has her own fashion sense already. Sometimes I turn the direction she’s going in a little, but for the most part I let her sow her taste. It’s become even more apparent when she was able to design a dress from a blog contest I won where I got a gift code for FashionPlaytes.

DSCF4660 After she received her dress she immediately wanted to design another one or a different item.(Please check out the post where I shared our FashionPlaytes experience.)  That’s why when I saw that FashionPlaytes on Facebook was having a design contest I knew she would be interested. This afternoon, she and I spent an hour or so designing a t-shirt for her to enter into the contest.

I explained that the shirt should be colorful and asked what she would want on the shirt, what it should say, what colors she wanted to use, etc. It was so fun to see her mind work as I made suggestions and asked her about colors and design. All the colors of her design as well as the items used were her idea. I’m pretty proud of how we worked together and enjoyed that moment today.

DSCF5697 I am one pretty proud mama, which is one of the reasons I wanted to share it with you. The other reason is I’m helping Amareah get votes on her design on Facebook. Amareah would really be happy (and so would I!) if all of you will vote for her Peace Love Flower Power design.

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