Friday, April 1, 2011

I’m having fun @ the Ultimate Blog Party

This will be the third year that I’ve gotten in on the fun at 5 Minutes for Mom during their Ultimate Blog Party. Each year the party gets bigger, better and fancier. There are prizes, sponsorship opportunities, link up, Twitter updates, socializing and blog hopping. I guess that about sums it up. I must admit that I get a little intimidated and overwhelmed with all that’s going on so I try to read and pay attention as best as I can, and I still enjoy myself.

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

I’ve noticed that a lot of the ladies (it just dawned on me that I haven’t happened upon any male bloggers during the Ultimate Blog Party) are doing video posts this year. I haven’t advanced that far yet, but hopefully one day you’ll pop over and see all the antics of my children live, with sound and in color.

Note: The links you see throughout are to other posts I’ve written that tell more about what I’ve written in the paragraph.

About me

DSCF5015 I like just writing because that’s one thing I’m used to… I’m a writer; a journalist by trade. I happened upon blogging about four years ago when someone suggested I take a book idea and start a blog. I never finished that particular book or kept up the blog – although it’s still lurking out there – because it was such a narrow topic and I wanted something a little more diverse to satisfy my multiple interests. That’s how It’s a woman’s world! was born. One of the things I’m trying to make room for on a regular basis is me as a WOMAN. Not as a blogger, a writer, a mom… Just a woman. Nice clothes, natural makeup, time to do my nails and get my hair done; a social life, an intimate life… You know, more and complete and balanced. Understand?

About this blog

DSCF4827 DSCF4830

I write product and book reviews, paid posts (‘cause I gotta make some moolah), creative and random writings, updates on my children and my health and few other things here and there. I really enjoy blogging and all of the friends that I’ve made over the past few years. I love receiving comments and feedback, and being connected to a loving and strong (virtual) community.

 About my children


My children are the largest part of my life. Well, like most moms. I have two generations of children: My oldest daughter, Amber, is a few months from 20 years old. Then there is 7-year-old Andre (my only son), Amareah who is 6 and my little baby Anna who is almost 4. I say my “little baby” because I call Amber my baby. :-) Parenting multigenerational children has been quite a challenge. There are times when it seems normal, but – nine times out of 10 – as soon as I get used to routines, attitudes, circumstances it changes. That’s the nature of being a mom, right?

DSCF4554Now that you’ve learned a little about me I’d love to know about you. Leave a comment and let me know you came by. I’m glad you came to the party.

By the way, before you go, check out my party post from last year.