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Friday, March 11, 2011

Where’s this griddle been all my life?

When I was a little girl I remember my mom fixing Sunday morning breakfast on an electric griddle. I don’t recall her using the griddle when we went from being a family of four to a family of two (my dad passed away and my brother was out on his own), and I never thought about the appliance again. Or so I thought.

Well about a month ago Amber and I were browsing around Kohl’s – I can’t remember why we were there – and we happened to be in the kitchen department. Amber loves to cook and is obsessed (don’t tell her I said that!) with gadgets and cooking ware so we had to get a closer look at everything. While we oooed and awwwed over everything I spotted a griddle.

“Hey, a griddle,” I said, and immediately walked over to it, “I’ve always wanted one of these. I need one!”

“Yup,” Amber agreed.

“It’s only $20?!”

I faced Amber with a silly look of astonishment on my face. “I’m going to get it.”

It has been one of the best household purchases I have made. Instead of having to stack up pancakes and try to keep them warm while flipping others in a skillet, I can do six to eight at a time. That means the kids are taken care of and I can fix my entire breakfast – eggs, turkey bacon and pancakes – at one time and it’ll all be hot. I actually sat down to a hot breakfast the other day and I think I grinned through the entire meal! It was so tasty… I made a perfectly, gigantic and yummy omelet.

My new purchase made me really happy last night when I decided to make turkey burgers for dinner. Making turkey burgers is one of those things that I often put off or change my mind about because of how messy my hands get. Using my largest skillet I could make three or four patties, cook them, take them out then form three or four more.

With the griddle I only have to get my hands “dirty” once and I can do them all at once. See?

DSCF5620 DSCF5621







I was so excited about cooking the burgers on the griddle that I made barbecue spinach turkey burger. Not only did they look good, but they were extremely tasty. Here are the finished burgers:

DSCF5632 DSCF5633

I love this thing!





So, tell me, have you used a griddle? What’s your favorite thing about having one?

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