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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Take a picture…

Every once in awhile my almost 4-year-old daughter gets in her head that she wants me to take pictures. She normally catches me when I’m out and we explore taking pictures on my cell phone. Right now, for some unknown and irritating reason, the camera on the phone isn’t working, but that doesn’t keep her from asking when we’re at home.

When she asks me to take pictures of her I’m usually all for it… a perfectly willing participant. See?



It’s when she starts saying, “Hmmm?” and begins looking around the room that I look for something else to do. She always catches me before I disappear. The picture below is one of the ones she had me take.


Seconds after the flash went off she was peering at the camera to see how the picture came out and was particularly pleased. Even I got a giggle out of it. However, since she’s showing so much interest in photographer (she tries to take her big sisters’ cameras as well) I may look into getting her one of the kid’s cameras like I got for Amareah one Christmas. Amareah has a natural ability and a great eye when it comes to photographer… maybe she can teach her little sister. Check out some of Amareah’s pictures before you go. (They’re at the bottom of the post I linked to.)

What are some of your kids’ favorite things to do? Or ways they try to be like you and take over your technology?

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