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Monday, February 28, 2011

The mind of my 3.5-year-old daughter

Even though I have four children I’m still amazed at their intellectual progression – for lack of a better phrase. Two of my children tend to ponder facts before asking questions about it and two of my children prefer asking questions first regarding something they’ve learned and then bring it up again later for further information.

DSCF5608 So I shouldn’t have been surprised – or so amazed, I guess – when my youngest child, who’s almost 4, began spewing knowledge of things she is learning. For instance, last Friday she went on her first field trip with her head start class. The group went to the Martin Luther King Memorial and, I must admit, I didn’t expect her to get anything from it.

Boy was I wrong.

When I picked her up she immediately told me she road on a bus. Although very excited, she revealed that she was scared too because she didn’t think the bus would bring her back. Later on I asked her who she saw and where did she go. She said, “Martin Luther King.” I was amazed at how clearly she said it and have since be surprised by the facts she gleaned from her experience.

DSCF5610 She revealed that she walked through Martin Luther King’s “little house” (I went on that tour years ago and definitely recall it being little.), she said MLK had died and she said she saw the water. For those who haven’t visited the memorial there is, if I remember correctly, a fountain surrounding the eternal flame, which Anna said she saw. Today while we were looking at the pamphlets she brought home with her, she asked, “Where’s the fire station?” There’s a map and pictures, and when I pointed it out to her she said she remembers seeing it.

Another association she made was when we passed a cemetery on the way home today. She said, “People who die are there…” with that lilt in her voice that children get when they know something but are still posing it as a question. “Yes, there bodies or bones are there after the die.”

“Is Martin Luther King there?”

“He’s not at that cemetery, but you saw his tomb when you went on the field trip, right?”


After a little while she began talking about how the clouds are gray today. “Why are they gray?”

“Because they have rain in them.” I smiled because we have ongoing conversations about the sky on a regular basis. Like me and her siblings, she is amazed by the beauty of the sky and notices differences and transformations.

Aren’t children amazing? Lucky for me I have a little bit of time before she starts telling me about chemical formulas and how parts of the brain function like her oldest sister does. :-)

Have you been amazed or stuffed with pride with the mind of your child lately? Take a moment and share.

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