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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love the love

Today I’m stuck in front of the television watching previous episodes of America’s Next Top Model, instructing the children on dressing and such as well as randomly looking through my email and texting friends and family.

image My email searches have taken me to friends’ blog posts and to Twitter to pass on some of the good stuff going around the blogosphere. It also led me to a site called When I first saw it I sorta chuckled and then thought what a wonderful Valentine’s message. A lot of us are talking about love and Valentine’s gifts or going on dream and romantic dates, but are we including talk about safe sex and facts about what can happen if don’t?

“Adam Lyons, one of the premier dating coaches in the world, puts some important love advice into song to help everyone this Valentine’s Day. This Valentine’s Day, the wear a Condom Organization and professional Dating Coach Lyons has some great advice to help us all with our love lives on the most romantic day of the year.”

Check it out and pass the word.

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