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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Goood-bye… Huh?

Despite my not-so-great diagnoses, I have been doing fairly well on the medical/physical side. Of course I’ve had pain and issues, that’s to be expected, but there had only been one day of feeling like total crap. That was until yesterday morning.

I woke up feeling a little blah with a huge dose of yuck. I thought it was just the regular morning aches, pains and nausea so I muscled through to fix the children their Saturday morning brunch. They’d already fixed themselves cereal a little earlier, and promptly put their order in for bacon, eggs and fruit when I came out of my room. Sigh. Although I didn’t feel like preparing the meal, I know that it’s a weekend tradition the children enjoy. I munched on fruit so I could take my morning dose of meds and got their food on the table, and even added biscuits to the morning goodies.

image By the time I’d gotten the food on the table and popped some pills I was feeling worse by the minute. More pain, headache and severe nausea. As I shuffled to my room I gave the kids some instructions and promptly encased myself in the warmth and softness of my bed. After a few minutes of watching a show on Hulu, I started to fall asleep. A nap was definitely in order.

I’d left my door open and the kids came in and out a couple of times needing help. Eventually sibling arguments boiled over and I had to call them into my room a couple of times to take a toy or admonish and discipline. At one point I called my middle daughter, 6-year-old Amareah, into my room to find out what she’d done to cause the latest disruption.

In the middle of asking her what was going on I dozed off. Yup, I actually went to sleep. A little bit later I heard a small voice say, “Goooood-bye mommy…”

"Huh?” I could barely open my eyes and through the slits I managed I could see her standing there. Believe it or not I was surprised to see her and could not remember what we were talking about.

“Bye mommy.”

“Okay, bye Amareah,” I mumbled. As I drifted I could hear the slight pleasure in Amareah’s voice as she realized she’d gotten out of getting in trouble. The only thing I could think of as I fell asleep is, “Wow, I really don’t feel well.”

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