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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Carefully choose business cards

Putting your best foot forward in the business sense requires an ability to handle small details that will translate the image you’re trying to portray. One of those small details is acquiring business cards that not only catch a potential client’s attention, but that also conveys the right information.

Nowadays the choices for business cards have expanded. Instead of the simple rectangular white card with pertinent information included in a pre-formatted manner, you can now choose from rectangle cards that display the information in a vertical manner or choose from cards that have rounded edges or a fold-over design. What better way to communicate your brand, service or product than to have a card that is truly representative of the tone of your business.

The last time I purchased business cards I decided to be a little more creative, which is definitely allowed in my industry. The information was presented vertically and only the details I felt necessary were included like my name, title, phone number, email address and website URL. There used to be a time when business cards included a person’s business or mailing address. Now with so many people working from home and doing contract work it’s prudent not to include such direct information.

Whatever business card you choose, be sure it’s one that will catch a person’s attention and get them to contact you as soon as possible. That alone could be the different between a new client and someone who decides to use the card as a bookmark.

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