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Monday, January 3, 2011

It’s so real

I went in today for my Zometa treatment (oh, to make this easier to understand: It’s specifically to prevent bone fractures) and learned that I’ll have to do it once a month – at least for now. I sat down in the chair in the oncology/hematology clinic and looked around me. There were people, mostly men, hooked to IVs and getting treatments. My nurse never let me dwell on the moment and we cheerfully chatted.

It didn’t escape my consciousness that this is serious. I’ll seriously be hooked to an IV for Zometa treatments each month and, possibly, chemotherapy by the first week in February. Although my feelings regarding my situation are mostly upbeat I have felt a little anger, but mostly the desire  to be embraced in a big hug non-stop. No worries though, I’m still taking one day at a time…

Please be patient with me as I learn my new schedules and way of life (We spent about six hours at the VA hospital today), manage to get as much rest as I can and fulfill my motherly responsibilities. I hope to be back to blog hopping and writing about fun things very soon.

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