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Friday, January 7, 2011

Healing power of love

If laughter is the best medicine then love must be the second best. For a brief moment today my stress hormone elevated because of another person’s irrational and illogical reasoning. For me stress magnifies the chronic pain I experience and it feels like it’s coursing through my muscles and bones.

Although I was angry and annoyed, I did try to (somewhat)  minimize my outburst and reaction. A little while after the stress-inducing incident, I sat in the  carpool lane with my youngest child, Anna. Sometimes when we’re waiting at the elementary school or sitting at a light, I’ll reach back to the second row to rub her leg or hold her hand and stroke her little fingers. Today, I reached back, touched her hand and reveled in the soft, sweetness of her skin. She glanced down and turned back to look out the window.

“I love you,” I said. There wasn’t even a pause as she said, “I love you too” around the  thumb in her mouth. I was going to pull away, but she held onto my hand and stroked it. Tears came to my eyes as my youngest child unknowingly comforted me. In that one stroke of her little fingers and the muffled professed love I felt lifted again. And the stress sort of oozed from me.

That one moment made a huge difference in restoring my day to the relaxing, peaceful experience it was before the negative encounter. It got me to thinking that if I can surround myself with people who truly love me, care for me and desire to make sure I get better then the road to recovery (and remission!) will be much easier.

My challenge to you is get in touch with someone who is dealing with something extremely difficult in their life – death, disease, illness, financial stress – and show them a little love. It can be a note, card, phone call, email, hug, etc., but believe me it’ll make a difference. You may never know the impact you’ll have – just like my daughter doesn’t know – but it will make a difference. Genuine love is healing.

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