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Monday, January 24, 2011

Finding online college options

For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to get more than one degree. I started college in 1986, but for a variety of reasons I wasn’t able to finish and went back to get a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism after I got out of the military in 1993. I succeeded in getting that degree in 1995 and at the time my oldest daughter – an only child then – was about 4 years old.

While she was in elementary school I attempted to get a master’s in adult education through an online course. That went fabulously and I surprised myself by acing most of my work, but – unfortunately – I wasn’t as interested in that field of study as I thought I would be. In hindsight I should have probably reviewed my goals with an advisor to ensure I was on the right path. I had read, and heard, that as a writer there isn’t really a necessity to get an advanced degree in that area. What I should have paid attention to was my desire to learn everything I can about what I do, which is writing and editing.

I began my career in daily newspaper and have since spent the majority of that time working for magazines whether on a freelance or employment basis. Now I mainly writer web content and I have an itching to go back to school. A few years ago I thought I would go back when my oldest began college, but that proved too difficult to coordinate.

I’m not going to put it off too much longer (makes no sense to wait for my other three children to grow up) and I’ll be once again looking into my online college options. Whatever goals and dreams we’ve set for ourselves should be pursued. If your goal includes furthering your education then consider taking courses online. Have you experienced online college courses? If so, tell me what you like the best about them.
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