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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Do you use diet pills?

For as long as I can remember people have been trying to lose weight and they have tried all sorts of methods in order to do it. There are diet pills, meals, shakes, candies and everything in between. They’ve tried different exercise machines, read all sorts of books and participated in various groups. Many of these things I’ve never experimented with – for a variety of reasons – but I do value others’ opinions about what works for them.

A very good friend of mine swears she knows the brand that carries the best diet pills and someone else told me shakes are the way to go. What I’ve learned is the best choice is to ensure you’re in the best of health by consulting your physician then talk to him or her about your weight loss and healthy eating ideas.

Some physicians will prescribe weight loss diet pills so if that is of interest to you then you will be all set. Maybe testing a pill will help me get over the seemingly sudden overeating habit that I’ve started. It surely doesn’t help that my darling daughter gave me a basket filled with chocolate and coffee goodies.

Have you ever tried diet pills? What’s your tried and true way of losing weight?

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