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Saturday, June 12, 2010

I loved ‘Clash of the Titans’

RP and I went to one of the local theatres to see Clash of the Titans . I had seen the previews and thought it would be a good movie. RP, on the other hand, is a fan of the original movie and has the book so he had a few preconceived notions of how the movie should be. He enjoyed it and gave it a B+.

I think I’m going to go with an A. My main reasoning, I think, is that I enjoyed it so much that I want to read the book and see the original. When a movie like that sparks even further interest I think it’s a definite plus. I even want to read real information about Zeus and the other gods, Medusa and Pyrrhus.


I didn’t plan on reviewing the movie. Actually this couldn’t be classified as a review. I just couldn’t resist telling you how much I enjoyed the movie and see what you think about it. For those who have been living under a rock don’t know much about the movie, here is the Amazon editorial review:

"Release the Kraken!" Ah, it could only be Clash of the Titans, the 2010 remake that retains the instruction to unleash the great beastie from the sea. The 1981 original boasted Ray Harryhausen's legendary stop-motion technique of animating various mythological creatures--it was his final feature project--and given the cornball approach of the movie in general, that was the main draw. The remake supplies new state-of-the-art special effects (released in 3-D) and a nicely muscular sense of momentum. Sam Worthington (the Avatar guy) plays Perseus, a demigod who doesn't know that Zeus (Liam Neeson) is his father. Perseus is selected to lead an expedition to find and slay the Medusa, lest Zeus's evil brother Hades (Ralph Fiennes, in fine slinking mode) rain down misery upon a seaport--and you just know that means the Kraken is coming. Ye gods, it's a mess, and we haven't even mentioned the witches and the harpies and the giant scorpions. But if we did, it would be clear that Clash of the Titans is a perfectly dandy popcorn epic, unpretentious and punchy. Director Louis Leterrier (Transporter 2) gets a fine rhythm going during Perseus's trek, and you can even forgive the hokey shafts-of-light-through-clouds look of Olympus. Leterrier also had the good sense to import the marvelous Danish star Mads Mikkelsen to provide mentoring duties to Perseus; Gemma Arterton and Alexa Davalos fulfill the eye-candy roles. It's up to individual viewers to choose which they prefer--Harryhausen's magically hand-wrought creations (his Medusa sequence is an absolute killer) or the 21st century's slick computer-generated variations. But nostalgia aside, it would be hard to deny that this is one case where the remake tops the original. --Robert Horton

Have you seen the movie yet? What did you think? Did you see the original or read the book? Share your thought, okay?

Disclaimer: All links (except the RP one) go to through my affiliate link and I receive a small commission for sales if you click and purchase. Thanks for your support.


Another TV nippin’ at the dust

Although I don’t get around to it as often as I like to, I’m a fan of television watching. Sometimes, especially when my oldest daughter is home lounging, I can spend an entire weekend day watching reality television, series of Criminal Minds or CSI, Disney channel sitcoms or Lifetime movies. I just like the television to be there and available when I’m ready to watch it.

Once again, the set in my house is trying to die. In fact, it was in a zone of complete grayness for about 24 hours ‘til it decided to kick back in. I think it was a revolt against my knocking against the side of it and getting it to kick back in.

I don’t relish in the fact of shopping for a new one. The truth of the matter is there isn’t any money for a television. Not a used one, which is what I normally have (except for that television I had more than 10 years that my best friend bought for me) and there’s definitely aren’t funds for a new one.

Ahhh … new televisions. When I see the fancy LCD HDTVs I’m amazed and lusting! I can’t wait until buying a television won’t seem like frivolous act. For now, we’ll keep hoping the old TV we have will keep on ticking and, if it doesn’t, we’ll squint (said dramatically) at my laptop.


27 years old

That’s not my real age. Or my RealAge. (Have you been to that site to determine your real age based on your lifestyle?) It’s the age that I look based on my face, according to the March issue of Redbook magazine.

Exhibit A:




I’ve been told I look young and can pass for someone in their late 20s, but of course I was pleased when a magazine article confirmed it. I saw with my own eyes the things they were referring to. For instance, if you have lush eyelashes then you should subtract three years off of your age. Unfortunately for me I don’t have lush eyelashes (LOL), but I do have thick eyebrows, which garnered a subtraction of five whole years. Booyah!

Because of my large pores I did have to add three years, but I don’t have vein-y hands, which would have been an addition of seven years. Whew! … The best part about the magazine article was it gave tips on what you can do to change or prevent the things that may cause you to look older.



What do you think makes you look younger or older?


Friday, June 11, 2010

Laundry woes

I hate to even tell you about it… I think I mentioned it briefly not too long ago and it also was a problem in January. What am I talking about? washing machines.

Yes, once again my washing machine is on the fritz. Either a belt is loose or the motor is dying because it doesn’t spin. At least not all the time. Every once in awhile I can do a few small loads and it’ll work. I’m not sure if I tire it out or if I get too excited and make the loads too heavy. Either way it’s an annoyance and the budget doesn’t really allow for purchasing a new machine.

With six people in one home, you know the laundry is piled to the ceiling, right?

Although I would like to. Really, really badly.

Whether its one of the zanussi washing machines or a hotpoint washing machine; I’m all for it. I’m not going to be picky about the brand – well, that is if someone wants to give me one (or a set!) as a gift.

I – as an adult – have never had a new washing machine and dryer so I think it’s about time I had one. The first used one I bought in 1997 lasted for about five years, which was great. So when I went to get another used one in January I thought it would be a positive experience. I was wrong.

Time to start shopping and comparing prices. What kind of washing machine do you have?


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stop that truck!

Did you see the license plate on that truck? Somebody needs to report this ‘cause I know a truck just ran me over and kept on going. …

I feel the tire treads across my face and the sting of where the bumper pulled my hair out. There’s sleep calling my name and an all over ache that just won’t go away.

And, geez!, what happened to my throat? Someone let their cat crawl through there I’m sure.

Excuse my delirious ramblings; I really don’t like feeling so unwell.

That reminds me: It’s been awhile since I’ve done a health and weight loss journal so click through and read the last one when you get a chance. In the meantime, there’s four more ounces of grapefruit juice, which I don’t feel like drinking, waiting for me.


Stretch your dollars

In addition to using coupons, bartering, consolidating loans and having yard sales or something similar to stretch their dollars as far as they will go, everyone affected by the recession is looking for a little Debt Relief. What have you done to stretch your dollars?


Time is running out to enter to win

There’s only one more day to enter to win a $25 gift card from Get something for your honey for Father’s Day, buy a little something for yourself or if you have a bridal shower to attend get then help the new couple get a little creative.

Whatever you want – books, toys, teddies – you’ll find it at MyPleasure. Go to my giveaway post now to enter to win.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tasty fixings

DSCF4596 Not too long ago I shared with you about my oldest daughter Amber and her cooking. She made turkey burgers the other night when she accidentally dropped the French fries. (No, I didn’t giggle again!) Last night she made chicken lasagna, which is for dinner tonight and I can’t wait to taste it. Amber had some for her breakfast/lunch today and she said it was tasty!

100_2805 I’m so proud of her skills in the kitchen and with her in general. She just left here about 30 minutes ago on the way to take a test in her summer course. Calculus, I think. That girl is smart, I tell you. Now that she’s almost 19, I can’t take complete credit for how wonderful she is. Although I think I’ve taught her a lot and have been there every single step of the way, she has grown into an independent, strong, mature, skilled,  beautiful, intelligent young woman who is going to do great things with her life and for others.

Funny how this post, which is supposed to be about food, got me to thinking about how proud and in love I am with my baby. Yup, I still call her that.

DSCF4590 Last week Amber made crepes for the first time… Neither of us had ever had them. They were very good. It wasn’t our favorite dessert because we’re not fans of the actual crepe, but from what I know it was absolutely perfect. Filled with tasty apple filling, spiked with whipped topping and sprinkled with cinnamon. I thought you’d like to see a shot of that.

I don’t think I’ve fixed anything special lately. Well, I did make a tasty tuna sandwich for lunch. Does that count? What tasty dishes have you had lately?


Choose the right lawyer

There are a few things I haven’t told you and I’m going to share one today. Not too long ago I was going to file bankruptcy, but during the process I decided not to use the lawyer I had chosen and contacted legal aid for their assistance. The recommended against filing (that’s an entirely different story/post). From what the told me, my advice to you if you’re considering that path is to be sure you hire a reputable and knowledgeable Chapter 7 Lawyer.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oh my toe!

There’s always a parenting moment where you kind of wish you had went about it a little differently. It’s not that I have any regrets about the actual discipline that I had to enforce; it’s that I was injured in the process.

DSCF4594 I was wearing flip flops and hit my toe on the back of my son’s heel (he was wearing sneakers) and tore/broke off a portion of my toenail down into my flesh. Half of it. So, now I’m embarrassed to wear sandals ‘cause it’s jagged with one half the original length and one half at negative length.

RE photo: I was paranoid that my jagged toenail would get caught on something so I wrapped it and put on comfy socks.

You didn’t laugh, did you?


Search engine optimization

Are you interested in an seo company? Do know what that is? There are search engine optimization companies that specialize in that field and reportedly get your site ranked on the first page of sites like Google, Yahoo and Bing. That would help your traffic and sales, right?


Don’t bite hand

Everyone knows the saying: “Never bite the hand that feeds you.” Right? My almost 19-year-old daughter Amber has done the majority of the food preparation and cooking since she’s been home from college. It’s not something I necessarily ask her to do on a regular basis, but I do ask and since it’s one of the things she loves to do she eventually just takes it over and fixes all of the meals.

Because of this I am careful about my comments. I mean, if you had someone cooking for six people when you normally have to do it, would you complain?

Didn’t think so.

So, I’ll make a suggestion here or tell her if I have already planned something.

The same goes for laughing and reprimanding – it’s done very gently.

That’s why when Amber almost uttered (more like yelled) a curse word, which she never does and absolutely never in my presence. I knew that a gentle approach was necessary.

Here’s what happened…

Remember yesterday when I took the day off? Well, I don’t think I mentioned that we got in a little late and since my brain took the day off as well I didn’t remember to start anything for dinner. When I returned from getting all of the children, Amber walked into the kitchen and said, “So, do you want me to go to the store to get something ‘cause there’s really nothing ready to cook?”

I listed the stuff that should be in there and glanced at the clock. It was after 6 p.m. Geez!

“Get a pizza and French fries as well as some ground turkey and something so that we’ll have something for the rest of the week.”

She returned from the store, put the pizza and fries in the oven and decided to go ahead and make turkey burgers for tonight. Halfway through making the turkey burgers the pizza was ready and she took it out.

I turned my back to her (I was sitting at the table doing something on my laptop) and suddenly heard some weird sound along with her stifled cuss word. When I turned around, this is what I saw:

DSCF4595French fries all over the floor. Well, they were at the bottom of the oven, in the drawer under the oven and on the floor.

I stifled a laugh.

I jumped up and said, “Why didn’t you tell me you needed help? I was gonna help you… but I didn’t know you were taking them out right then.”

She had put the fries, which were laying on a sheet of aluminum foil, directly on the top rack without a cookie sheet. (I think we threw the others away and never replaced them.) She said she always takes the pizza out, slides if off the cookie sheet and slides the fries onto said cookie sheet. This time the foil tore.

I helped her clean them up, threw two of those handy dandy Birds Eye SteamFresh bags into the microwave and listened to her rant. A little later that evening, I stood in the spot where the fries had been on the floor and said, “Look,” as I pointed to the floor, “there used to be fries here. We can giggle about it now. Hee…” (Yes, I actually said ‘hee’ with a grin.)

Behind her small smile she gave a very fake giggle as I stifled mine. Maybe today she’ll laugh a little more about it.

Oh, and don’t worry, I’ve already asked her permission to post this ‘cause I wouldn’t want to “bite the hand that feeds me.” ;-)


Me and my hair

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair, which simmered closer to love about five years ago. I’m convinced I know what the problems are – there are two of them: 1) Dislike 2) Consistency

Unfortunately, I am not a fan of my hair and every woman knows when you show your hair love and treat it tenderly then it’ll love you back. Really. It’s true.

If I consistently use top-quality products including shampoo, conditioner, detangler, styling products for my hair type, occasional deep conditioning  and trimming, and limit the amount of heat and tension then I’m sure I would have a head full of hair that I love. Celebrity Stylist Chaz Dean says the new Wen Hair Care line, which are natural products that include chemical-free creams and conditioners, will help me say good-bye to bad hair days.

Now that’s something to look forward to.


Monday, June 7, 2010

Day off

I didn’t see it coming and I know I should be more productive, but today has been mostly a day off. I got up this morning and took the young trio to Miss Kellie’s. I came home, loaded up some giveaways into the van to take to Goodwill, but before I could leave RP called to ask if I wanted a breakfast sandwich from the place that serves his favorite chicken biscuits. (No not Chick-fil-A, you Southerners. LOL)

We ate our breakfast together and enjoyed some couple time (boy did we really need the time to chat and whatnot. With him working nights and all the kids outta school couple time has been scarce.) Then we watched a movie, Unthinkable, which we both enjoyed.

I ran a couple of errands, came back home to grab a bite to eat, took the teenager to campus, ran a couple of more errands and jumped on the lappy for a few moments. I’m not going to stress that I haven’t made the phone calls, wrote a paid post, worked on an assignment because I have been taking care of people (who were sick most of the time) for more than seven days. Mama needed a break.

The running around I did today would normally irritate me, but because my teen usually has the van so we can reduce gas usage of going back and forth I welcomed the change of getting out of the house and not feeling trapped.

Tomorrow (and later tonight even) I plan on getting some work accomplished, but – for today – thank goodness I was able to enjoy some me time (it’s so quiet here!), some read time (I almost read an entire magazine) and some couple time… I even got a chance to talk to the teen without interruption.

Now I’m off to get the young trio then we’ll go to campus to pick up Amber. I’m even going to get a little ambitious later and paint my fingernails or do something different with my hair. It’s amazing what a day off can do for ya.

How’s your Monday turning out?


Sunday, June 6, 2010

How’s your job search going?

Even though I’m a freelance editor and writer I always keep my options open when it comes to making ends meet. In addition to contract opportunities, I also search and apply for jobs where I meet the qualifications.

On some of the online sites that I use, I have my resume stored to make the application process easier. Most job search sites have the option of letting job searchers upload and store their resumes for free. In addition to that they offer sample resumes and cover letters. If you’re looking for a job and haven’t utilized an online service then it’s something you should consider; it makes job-hunting a little easier.


2012 The Secret of the Crystal Skull – book review

Before I get involved in telling you all about the book let me first offer an apology to whoever contacted me about this book. I, unfortunately, can not find any PR information in an email and there wasn’t a press release with the book. There was just an invoice from the National Book Network. So, SIGH … you know…

Just today I finished reading 2012: The Secret of the Crystal Skull by Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas. For those who believe the Mayan prophecy, you know that it is said to predict the end of the world as we know it. That end is supposed to be on December 21, 2010.

I must admit that it took me quite a few chapters to get into it. Even though the action begins rather quickly, there are ebbs and flows where it slows down. It could be the excellent details of the Mayan people and the archeological findings that I was trying to absorb, which slowed me down. That information is truly interesting and engaging then what’s makes it even more enthralling is the fact that it’s based on actual events. This novel is based on the original factual bestseller the Mystery of the Crystal Skulls.

From the book jacket of The Secret of the Crystal Skull:

“When archaeologist Dr. Laura Shepherd discovers her colleague dead clutching a mysterious crystal skull, she is catapulted into a shadowy world of strange omens, psychic phenomena and cryptic codes. Her quest for the truth leads her to risk her career, her marriage and even her life. When she learns of a terrifying prophecy for the year 2012, she sets off on dangerous mission, to an ancient Mayan temple buried deep in the rainforest, surrounded by armed guards – determined to unlock the skull’s secret, whatever the cost.”

Even for those who haven’t read the factual account or those who don’t believe the Mayan predictions, you’ll still find this novel of interest. In actuality regardless of whether the predictions are true or not; the account of how scientists and archeologists go about their jobs to make these determinations is fascinating. And the havoc such information can cause is just as interesting.

Considered adventure fiction, 2012: The Secret of the Crystal Skull keeps you reading… and wondering… ‘til the end.

Disclosure: No compensation was received for this review except for the book, which was used to facilitate this post. All the opinions expressed are my own. Links within the post will take you to Amazon through my affiliate account and I’ll receive a small commission should you decide to make a purchase. Click here to review my entire disclosure policy.

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