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Friday, May 28, 2010

Saving on closeouts

Do you know anyone who doesn’t like to get something they love for a fabulous deal? I don’t. That’s why I thought you would like to know about a wholesales, closeouts, liquidations center that stocks seasonal and holiday items for consumers. That’s shopping at its best.


Where’s the love, trust

Here I am at the pediatrician’s office searching for a signal. Why are the networks I trust – the pediatrician and her husband’s real estate business – secured? I mean, where’s the trust?

I’m not going to stay on the unsecured network long because I really brought my laptop along to do non-Internet related work and the first thing I did was look for a signal. I can’t resist. I haven’t been online in more than 12 hours. It’s like I need a fix. That’s bad.

What’s even worse is that I’m going to talk to my computer wizard best friend to find out if he can hook me up with my own wireless network portable thingy? What’s that called?

If I get that then I’m sure my computer usage will become obsessive. My BF will most likely forbid me from taking places. People will wonder what I am always doing. And I my children will probably need psychiatric care (you should have seen the look I just gave my daughter for saying something while I’m typing).

Uh, can you say addict?

Well, I better get to work. Hope you’re having a happy, love-filled and productive day.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

I don’t wanna!

I bet you think I’m going to give you some cute and/or frustrated mommy story that involves one of my children, right? Well, this time, you would be wrong. I’m the brat today. All I want to do is relax. I am so exhausted. My eyes are burning and I’ve been yawning all day everyday for more than a week. And although I am way behind on writing work, editing work and housework (and continue to get even more behind) I am still not committing to a firm schedule.

It’s hard to commit with the children’s schedule, Amareah’s recent sickness, Amber starting her summer college courses, the last week of school for the two middle, Anna’s birthday… There is so much going on that my head is spinning just writing it here.

Well, I don’t wanna do any work, don’t wanna take care of anyone, run any errands, scrub a tub, wash clothes or any of the other things that need to be done. And that’s it.

I don’t even wanna finish this rant. Uh… think I need a vacation.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Happy Birthday Lil Bit


Can you believe the baby is 3 years old now. Happy Birthday Anna… You’ll always be mommy’s Moomie, Lil Bit and Moomalicious. I love you.

Take a gander at more of the pictures I’ve posted. And there are more Wordless Wednesday participants at 5 Minutes for Mom.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My nightstand

Regardless of how hard I try to read one book at a time, I always have more than one – plus several magazines – being read. And, to top it off, the books don’t stay on my nightstand. They trickle (yes, on their own) around the house and end up in the darnedest places. I was going to stack them all neatly on my nightstand for their photo op, but decided to be honest.

Here’s the nightstand… (Notice the booby-trapped journal and no books in sight.)


Here are the books on the table near the front door… (The dots in the background? Dried beans glued to a paper plate!)


And here there are some on the kitchen table…


This neat stack here is on my desk… DSCF4535

I’m not even going to mention the books that sit on my shelves wondering when I will get around to them. Soon, my lovlies, soon.

A little details:

I won The Threadbare Heart by Jennie Nash through a contest I entered at 5 Minutes for Books. Although I didn’t get the grand prize, I got an honorable mention on Jennie’s site and the novel, which I can’t wait to read.


Last night I began reading The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fibromyalgia and I’m excited about that as well. I am looking forward to learning more and will add it to my medical book library.

I’m about a fourth of the way through 2012 The Secret of the Crystal Skull by Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas. I’m not sure why, but I’m having a difficult time getting into the flow with this one. Maybe I just need to find a good bit of quiet time to get into the reading flow.

Be sure to return so you can read my reviews of some of the books I’m reading.

imageToday I’m participating in 5 Minutes for Books' “What’s on Your Nightstand?” To read more hop on over. Also, take a gander at my On a woman’s bookshelf posts.




Disclaimer: I didn’t receive any compensation (other than review copies) for including the books in this post, but if you click on the Amazon links/photos and purchase I will receive a small commission. (Click away! LOL) Click here for my complete disclosure policy.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Not even a doorknob…

I’m tired. Like most moms understand saying “I’m tired” carries a whole lot of information behind it. My “I’m tired” probably started almost 19 years ago (LOL) and was exasperated about three years ago when I became a single parent again.

Parenting multi-generational children has it’s own set of challenges and being a single parent can be exhausting. Let’s briefly work our way backwards over the last 48 hours or so. Last night I got about three hours of sleep. Mostly my fault for goofing off all day and not doing any work then having to stay up to meet a deadline. Can you say, “Duh?!”

DSCF4527[1]Prior to that (yesterday) my three younger children reached a new level of behavior and discipline. All of their toys have been placed in jail, the little television removed from their room (it’s what they used to watch their sister's old VHS Disney tapes) and the doorknob removed from their room. About a week or so ago they lost their closet door because they broke it – the thing was hanging on by one hinge. SIGH.DSCF4530[1]

   I’m pass the point of being tired of repeating myself. “Stop playing with the door…” “Pick your toys up…” And a litany of other phrases that are repeated several times per day has gotten old really fast.

I’ve told people that I don’t trust my younger children as far as I can throw them. They are way more undisciplined, disrespectful, pouty and with an attitude of entitlement that my oldest daughter never displayed. YDSCF4526[1]es, they are more precocious and whatnot, but I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

When you add the daily responsibilities of running a household and caring for its inhabitants (you know, the chores, the paperwork including my oldest daughter’s college stuff, the appointments, the work from home stuff, the bills… Do bills fall under paperwork?); it can all be a bit … uh… tiring.

On a good note…


<—Isn’t he cute & cool?!

My second child – my only son – graduated from kindergarten tonight. (Even though school doesn’t end until Friday.) It was a sweet moment. A once-in-a-lifetime event – per child LOL – that I thoroughly enjoyed. The ceremony, thankfully, wasn’t as long as I thought it would be, but it still ran pass dinnertime so it’s 9:13 and my children aren’t in bed yet.

Did I mention I’m tired?

DSCF4498[1] DSCF4499[1]
DSCF4500[1] DSCF4503[1]
DSCF4504[1] DSCF4512[1]
DSCF4514[1] DSCF4515[1]


#1 – Before the program began. He was just looking at me…

#2 – Missed the shot again. Now, he’s checking out what his classmates are doing. …

#3 – Of course he’s looking right at me when I zoom out to get his entire class.

#4 & #5 – Little people sure do move quickly. A blurry Andre walking to get his certificate and finally standing still (sort of), but I think he was in the middle of a blink.

#6 – There are the three little people with their father. Caught Andre with his eyes closed, but at least Anna is looking in that one.

#7 – I’m not going to say how displeased I am with my outfit ‘cause I couldn’t find the shirt that I’m sure is supposed to be in my closet. Oh, this isn’t about me. I have on the pink, that’s Amber to my left, the twins are on either side. They’re Amber’s ex’s sisters. The ex is taking the picture. And, of course, in the front are Amareah, Andre and Anna.

#8 – The little graduate (eyes closed again – oops!) with his big sister!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Computers make dreams come true

It’s been quite some time since I’ve used a desktop computers on a regular basis. I’ve used a laptop for a few years. My first laptop, which recently died, I acquired from a client. We made an agreement for him to pay me one half of my fee in cash and the other half in a laptop. Why didn’t I just purchase one? His business included finding computer items at extremely low cost. So I transitioned from desktops to laptops.

I’d like to get a desktop again with all of the features that enable me to sync up my laptop. That would make it easy to use both computer systems and get maximum performance out of each. At least that’s what I think.

A laptop is convenient for on-the-go usage, but a desktop allows for a stationary workstation that has all the elements you need to maintain an effective home office. Really. I often have daydreams about walking into my perfectly decorated and maintained office with my laptop in the coolest bag ever. I unload it and pop it into the docking station that’s connected to my desktop computer. With all systems operational, I begin working on my second book. The first one has reached bestseller status.

Maybe getting a desktop will make my dreams come true. (If you’re not smiling now I don’t know what to do.) Anyway, what do you prefer – desktops or laptops:


Why is the light on?

and the case of the missing pizza…

Early this evening I left the house on “errands.” At least that’s what I told the younger children. The truth is I just wanted to get out of the house. Those of you who work from home and are the primary caregiver to your family can relate. There are some people who have the luxury of getting up on a Saturday and doing what they want to do without consideration or thought to anyone else’s desires. Even if those other individuals live in the same house.

My errands consisted of slowly browsing around Barnes & Noble and a possible stop to Walmart for some item that was yet to be determined. A little while before arriving at Barnes & Noble I had decided to get a gift for Anna who will be 3 on Wednesday. I walked directly to the children’s section as I chatted on my cell phone (no, I was not talking loudly) and when I focused in on the books I noticed that lots of shelves were empty. When I said a lot, I’m talking about rolling shelves that were cleared, moved from their regular area and lined up against the wall.

Long story short: The Barnes & Noble that I frequent is closing.

I digress. That has nothing to do with the light and the pizza.

I found something for Anna then went to Walmart to browse the office supplies, artwork and pick up a free grocery items. When I left Walmart I saw that it was about 10 p.m. (I left the house around 7) and I was content in knowing that the children would be in bed and I could enjoy the rest of the evening in relative peace and quiet.

I pulled into the driveway and saw the light on in their room. Surely I was mistaken, I thought, as I stared at the window and willed the light to turn off. Maybe someone needed something or was sick. Not the case.

When I opened the front door I was greeted by a medley of little voices and little people. “What are you guys doing up?”

“You’re not the pizza man,” I thought I heard someone say.

“You just ordered pizza?” I directed the question to my teenager.

“Yea,” she said, “’bout three hours ago.”


Turns out she ordered the pizza around 8 and according the online ordering system the pizza was scheduled to arrive around 8:45 p.m. At something after 9 she called. They told her he was en route or something like that. Another call quite some time after that said he would be here in 10 minutes… and so on.

It’s 11:58 and the pizza never arrived. And they never called. I fixed the children grilled cheese sandwiches (they had already eaten fruit and French fries while they waited) and sent them to bed feeling a little sad about the missing pizza.

Although I should be asleep now I wanted to enjoy the quiet so I decided to share the evening’s events with you. The sandman seems to be kicking in so I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Make sure you tell me how your weekend has been.

Good night.

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