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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Death, desire and the Demonborn – book review

I recently finished reading the third book, Forbidden Passion by Rita Herron, in The Demonborn series. Prior to reading this book I’d never heard of the series, but I’m so hooked that I’d like to go back and read the first and second books as well.

image Herron takes readers on a rollercoaster of emotions: excitement, fear and suspense as Marlena Bender and Dante Valtrez’s paths cross again. From the book jacket:

Fueled by her family’s murder years ago, Dr. Marlena Bender has devoted her life to understanding violent criminals. But when a serial killer in this small Southern town starts taking the lives of women in diabolical ways – leaving trophies of his kills on Marlena’s doorstep – it all hits too close to home. Terrified, Marlena turns to the only man she can trust… the man who saved her life.

Sheriff Dante Valtrez would move heaven and earth to keep Marlena safe, but he’s not the savior she thinks he is. A dark legacy runs through his blood and a dangerous secret lies within him. Now a fierce, hot, ruthless desire draws Dante and Marlena together – as a demonic force from his past threatens to rip them apart, destroying everything they hold dear.

Forbidden Passion was really hard to put down. It was like watching a scary, suspenseful movie where you can’t wait to find out if they catch the serial killer, if the heroin and hero act on their lust and if everyone will discover the secrets that lurk just beneath the surface of reality.

For me, this book is like chick lit on caffeine. It’s a book that even guys can sink their teeth into. The murder scenes are just as descriptive as the love scenes and the details make you believe every word Herron wrote. It’s definitely a book that makes you want to keep on reading. That’s why I can’t wait to read the first and second books; can you?

Disclaimer: I received a review copy of "Forbidden Passion" by Rita Herron to facilitate my review and no other compensation was received. The opinions expressed here are my own. Here is my complete
disclosure policy.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Slow down for speed bump

I’ve been cruising along lately and suddenly hit a large speed bump on the road of life. (That sentence makes me chuckle.)

imageLet’s try again…

Life has been quite busy lately with all four children at home. Yes, the beautiful teenager is home for the summer and, in addition to her almost household full of belongings, has brought …

That’s not working either…

In the past I’ve told you about my health issues and how, sometimes, the aches, pain and whatnot cause a little brain fogginess. A sort of attack, as I’ve come to call it. Well, the attack was fueled by a not-so-nice stomach issue that developed yesterday while I was out.

I met with a potential new client (yip-freaking-pee!), accompanied my oldest to the local college campus and ran some errands. While meeting the client at Barnes and Noble I tried a Green Tea Frappa-thingamajig. (I’ve been getting flack about my coffee intake so I decided to be good.)

Moments after the client arrived my stomach lurched, rumbled and protested. (I’m blaming the drink; should have stuck with my mocha drink.) After that meeting I spent the rest of the day visiting one public bathroom after another. Before I knew it my stomach was hurting and I felt weak. That feeling has flowed over into today and now I drowsily sit on the couch wishing upon the stars, clouds and sun (no, not really) that the feeling would go away. I feel a little better on and off, but I think part of the problem is I’ve not really been hungry today so it’s possible that my body needs more fuel. (Think a cup of coffee will help?)

I don’t have time for an attack. I don’t have time to feel weak. Drowsy, Exhausted. Helpless. Especially when there’s so much that needs to be done.

I’m off to see about some tummy fuel and sneak a cup of coffee; I’ll tell you about the medical stuff at another time when my brain is fully engaged.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yucky chore made easier – product review

Besides the mounds of weekly laundry, my most dreaded chore is cleaning the bathroom. So when BzzAgent had a campaign to test Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-A-Clean power sprayer I signed up quick, fast and in a hurry.

There are two things I like most about the product: 1) the power sprayer. 2) the way it cleans. I’ve never seen anything like this (that’s because it’s the first ever one-touch continuous sprayer). All I had to do was push the trigger and the cleaner just continually comes out until the trigger is released. It’s such an amazing feature that the Arthritis Foundation has given it the “Ease-of-Use Commendation.” As a person who suffers from chronic pain I was really sold on this aspect and was pleased that I didn’t suffer any additional discomfort from cleaning.

image The cleaning was as easy as it was described to be: Spray on, let sit, wipe and repeat for periodic cleaning. This spray is designed for the occasional deep cleaning. Most areas in my tub and shower were easily cleaned, but – especially since I have older tile and linoleum – there were some areas that required more attention.

There are two things I didn’t like about the product: 1) It was quite strong especially in my bathroom, which has no windows and inadequate ventilation. The bottle does indicate it’s best used in a well ventilated area. 2) It seemed like the product was gone rarely quickly. I didn’t notice how full the bottle was when I started, but when I was finished there was about two inches of liquid left in it.

image All of the facts: The suggested retail price is $8.99 for the start kit and the refill is $3.99. You keep the one-touch continuous sprayer and just buy another bottle. There is also a Scrubbing Bubbles Daily Shower cleaner that also has the trigger and I can’t wait to try that.

I give Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-A-Clean power sprayer two thumbs up. Have you tried it yet? If not, will you? If so, what do you think? Leave a comment and let me know.

BzzAgent Badge

Disclaimer: I really like being a BzzAgent because I get to try products that I’ll actually use. (I receive products, tell people about them then submit BzzReports about what I said. I earn MyPoints in return.) Although I received the Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-A-Clean for free, the opinion expressed here are my own. No other compensation (besides the MyPoints) was received. Here is my complete disclosure policy.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Stem Cells May Benefit Stroke Patients

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of CryoCell International. All opinions are 100% mine.

In the United States, stroke is the third leading cause of death and disability in adults in the United States and it has been discovered, according to the 'Stem Cells and Development' article that thrombolytic therapy only benefits approximately 2 percent of the ischemic stroke patients. The article suggests, as determined by a study, that menstrual blood-derived stem cells may be a potential source for stem cell therapies in stroke and other central nervous system disorders.

Even though this sort of therapy is still in its experimental stages of treatment for neurological disorders, many believe this to be a viable option. “Transplantation of menstrual blood-derived stem cells, either intracerebrally or intravenously and without immunosuppressant,
after experimentally induced ischemic stroke in adult rats also significantly reduced behavioral and histological impairments compared to vehicle-infused rats. Menstrual blood-derived cells exemplify a source of ‘individually tailored’ donor cells that completely match the transplant recipient, at least in women.” The possible benefits of menstrual blood for stroke patients includes behavioral recovery including asymmetry and coordination as well as  improvement in motor and neurological impairments

Advancement such as these make a huge difference in patient recovery. Cryo-Cell is in collaboration with researchers world-wide on pre-clinical studies of Célle for potential future therapies. These therapies may be able to treat diabetes, breast cancer and wound-healing, just to name a few. Published research regarding Célle stem cells have revealed that the cells have demonstrated the potential to transform into many other cell types for future regenerative therapies.

Those interested can read more about C'elle in 'Medical News Today'. Also, Célle is being offered for $399, which is a $100 discount on the $499 retail price, and includes collection, processing, testing and the first year of storage at $399. To take advantage of this discount, which is for a limited time, use code CLSTR.

Visit my sponsor: Stem Cells May Benefit Stroke Patients

Lovely honorable mention

I entered a Mother’s Day “Famous Fictional Mother-Daughter” contest at 5 Minutes for Books that was in honor of Jennie Nash’s “The Threadbare Heart.” Although I didn’t win the grand prize, Jennie did mention my entry among those that stood out to her. The winning entry was fabulous as were all the others. Take a look at Jennie’s site, read the entries when you get a chance and check out her books.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy weekend

image Do you know that moment when you’ve conquered something and you wonder if it was just a fluke or a permanent fixture of your personality? I’m having one of those moments today. This weekend, although it hasn’t gone perfectly, has been one of the best. Why? I have no earthly idea. I didn’t do anything special. Nothing overly wonderful happened. I guess it was just the way that I’ve dealt with things and conducted myself.

The younger children went with their dad on Friday and I was so happy for the quiet. RP left late in the afternoon – to run errands I think – and I was way super unhappy that he was going especially when I found out later that he wasn’t coming home before he went to work.

I decided to just go to bed. I took my laptop so I could finish some work, put on summer comfy, semi sexy PJs, grabbed my book and made myself comfortable. Before that Amber decided to hang out with friends.

Not 10 minutes after I settled in RP came in the door with a bag of peanut M&Ms as a peace offering. He’d tricked me. Again. I wanted to be “mad” at him, but his presence lightens and lifts me. We enjoyed a little less than an hour together before he went to work.

image Yesterday after I ran some early morning errands, Amber and I watched a movie (I think it was called The Long Walk) then we goofed off a little lot before deciding what to do for the evening. She made plans with her friend and I made plans with RP. Our plans didn’t go as anticipated, but – once again – the time spent together was wonderfully amazing.

I had a little tiff with a friend a little while before that but even that, which would normally mess up my entire day, didn’t cause any ruckus within my brain.

image Today, RP and I got up and watched Sherlock Holmes, which we rented from the Redbox last night, and sat around to relax for a moment. I’m now trying to get a little work done, knock out some housework then I’m going to get dressed. I’ll hopefully be decent enough to help Amber get the groceries out of the car. Yup, the dear, sweet, responsible teen is off picking up some supplies for the house while I fight the good fight (against grime, laundry and the written word) here at home.

I’m sipping my last drops of coffee as I finish writing this and feel some amazement at my relaxed state. I hope that your weekend has went well, that you’re relaxed and happy, and that you took a moment to smell the proverbial rose. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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