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Friday, April 30, 2010

Noddin’ & dozin’

I’ve developed a bad habit the last few days… or is it a bad symptom? Dozing while driving. Originally I think it was because I wasn’t getting enough sleep then I thought it had to do with some medicine I took and then I remembered I always get extremely exhausted around PMS time (in addition to the normal daily tiredness that seeps into exhaustion from the fibro). Now, I’ve concluded that it’s a combination of everything.

Regardless of the reason being sleepy enough to be able to doze off is a serious problem. Drinking coffee doesn’t help ‘cause I think my body is immune to the caffeine high that’s supposed to happen. The solution seems like I need to sleep eight to 10 hours a night.

How in the world does a freelance writer and editor who is the single mother of four and the happy girlfriend to R.P. (ha! surprised you with that one, didn’t I?) find the time to sleep more than eight hours?

If I figure it out you’ll be the first to know. In the meantime, can someone go get my blanket and pillow?


Thursday, April 29, 2010

On the move

There is one thing that a lot of individuals really dislike doing and that is moving. All of the packing, organizing, throwing away, giving away and transporting only to do the same thing in reverse at a new place is not appealing.

However, there are companies that can specifically take the stress of one way rental off of homeowners/movers. One of those companies is ABF U-Pack, which offers a variety of packing and moving services to assist its customers. Services include storage, cross country, door-to-door, moving containers, etc.

Try U-Pack and see if they make moving a little easier.


Photo Tag: I'm it. Who's next?

Isn't she adorable?! I think this is when Amber (who will be 19 in a couple of months) was in the 9th grade. Andre looks about 3 there (see him in the background?) and he's 6 now. Wait, that would mean she was in the 10th grade, wouldn't it? Oh well, IDK... I just think she's the cutest ever!

I think this was over a Christmas holiday and we were taking a picture 'cause it was the first time she'd worn that outfit or sweater. I think she received the sweater as a gift.

It was a picture I chose because Tammy at Mom Knows Everything got me with a Photo Tag. It's been quite a long time since I've done one of these and I'm happy that she tagged me with an easy one. Here are the rules:

1) Go to your photo files, select the eight photo folder.
2) Select the eighth photo in that folder.
3) Post that photo along with the story behind it.
4) Then challenge eight blogging friends to do the same!

Who am I gonna tag?
Lin (Because she doesn't like to be tagged, but she has awesome pictures.)
Valerie ('cause I don't think I've ever tagged her.)
Lisa (She doesn't have anything to do.That's sarcasm, by the way, read about her life & you'll see.)
Henrietta (Just because I haven't been around lately to bug her.)
Renee (She's so busy and famous now that I want to see if she can find time to do it! :D)
Jocelyn (She always has fun stuff going on at her blog, but I think she needs a little fun.)

I am definitely outta the blogging loop 'cause it took me way too long to think of who I wanted to tag. Sad. So sad. That's why there are six names instead of eight. Hey, someone has to break the rules. :-)

Resorts Rescued Reviews

A friend of mine went on a mini vacation with some friends and returned talking about the beauty of the timeshare. It's nice to be a part of a
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Resorts Rescued is one of those nice networks to be a part of. They have a
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Up and running again

I am so super excited about finally replacing my laptop, which has been slowly expiring for months. This is a test run as I play and set it up… It should be faster, smarter and help me to be more productive. Fingers crossed.

Well, enough of being random for right now. I’ll be back a little later with some real blogging. For now, all I can think about is sleep.


Problems & perfection

Today I became privy to some information while hanging out with a friend. Some very interesting facts regarding people that I don't know. While sitting there listening I had the desire to pull out a pad of paper and a pen or activate the recorder on my phone because others' lives are so interesting, entertaining... and sad.

I learned of a young lady who is about 25 years old with two young children ages 4 and 2. She works in the "entertainment" industry, doesn't have her own home (stays with her sister) or car and continues to do unwise (read: stupid) things that put her ability to raise her children in question.

There was another woman who needs more than a month to come up with a little more than $100 to pay a fine. She said, "I'll have to save it up."

An individual was caught DUI and his 12-month sentence (not counting the fine and community service) was ordered as weekend jail, which means reporting on Friday evenings to the county jail. He'll do that every weekend for 12 months.

I discovered that regardless of right or wrong some individuals appear to be automatically believable because of their status. We live as individuals who believe that everyone makes mistakes, but we belong to a society that supports organizations made up by people who are supposedly perfect. Did you have to read that again?

Why are we considered human and capable of error when a group says their members' words, actions, etc. are always right? Isn't that contradictory? There are always three sides of every story: Yours, theirs and the exact truth. The fact that none of these things matter in certain situations is beyond frustrating.

What do you think? Are a certain group of people more trustworthy and believable than the "average person?"

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

“Not in My Yard” Blog: The Gloves Come Off as Havahart® Launches New Nuisance Animal Control Blog

This is a sponsored guest post written by Theresa Flavin on behalf of Havahart. Post powered by Sponzai.
 Ahh, spring: The season of new life, new beginnings and, for many, utter frustration as a host of furry critters help themselves to our tender springtime blooms. It’s a near-universal problem for home gardeners, so Havahart® ( has launched the new Not in My Yard blog (, where you can contribute posts, interact with other gardeners and get expert advice on taking your yard back from hungry wildlife.

Not in My Yard blog focuses on total yard protection through trapping and repelling animals humanely but effectively with Havahart products. Do you have a helpful or interesting experience protecting your yard and garden from the onslaught of hungry raiders? Submit it to Not in My Yard blog and let others know what worked. Top contributors are listed on the blog, so the more guest posts you submit, the better chance you have of seeing your name in lights. Chances are, there will be other Not in My Yard blog regulars with pest control problems similar to yours -- and even other gardeners from your region. You can choose to show only their posts so you don’t miss the tips most relevant to your situation.

If posting on blogs isn’t your thing, Not in My Yard blog is the perfect place to learn about total yard protection. Expert and guest bloggers discuss controlling wild (and not-so-wild) animals of all types, including chipmunks, deer, dogs, feral cats, groundhogs, rabbits, raccoons, rodents, skunks and squirrels. You’ll learn about live trapping and using non-toxic, organic repellents to keep wildlife from viewing your yard as a trendy neighborhood eatery. You’ll enjoy interesting -- and frequently humorous -- stories about wildlife in other gardeners’ yards. And perhaps most importantly, you’ll see you’re not alone in your fight to protect your landscaping or garden.

 Not in My Yard blog also features the live Havahart Twitter feed with helpful tips and promotional discounts on total yard protection products. You can subscribe to the RSS feed or submit your e-mail address for live updates whenever a new post is added to the blog.

 “We’re excited to launch Not in My Yard blog,” said Havahart marketing associate Theresa Flavin. “This is the blog for everyone who has ever watched their tulips become rabbit food, lost their hostas to deer or wished the neighborhood skunks would find a different path to walk every night. We enjoy hearing the lively, fun and informative stories submitted by home gardeners just as much as the Not in My Yard blog readers do!”

Want to become an active part of Not in My Yard blog? Visit and join the conversation. Learn more about Havahart’s humane traps and repellents at And this spring, watch what Havahart total yard protection products can do to keep your home and garden beautiful.

Announcing winner of "Forget Me Not'

Valerie at Frugal Family Fun Blog won the novel "Forget Me Not" by Vickie Hinze. Congratulations Valerie! Although I'm happy when anyone wins this makes me particularly happy because Valerie is one of my favorite blogging friends. I hope you enjoy the book!

Here's what Valerie said in her giveaway entry, "My favorite book is The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule. What a fun giveaway! Thanks for the chance!"

Valerie, I'll contact you via email in a bit and you'll have 48 hours to respond with your address.
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